Just like with clothing, accessories also experience trends, and this applies to those worn by both men as well as women. From boardroom backpacks to high-end baseball caps, these are some of the hottest men’s accessories for this season.

Men's Accessories


Boardroom Backpacks
While many may think of backpacks as being far too casual for the workplace, the high-end designs that have been seen so far this year make for the perfect boardroom backpacks, with exquisite leathers and modern detailing giving them a look that is extremely adult and polished. Considered to be a contemporary alternative to the briefcase, this is an accessory that is ultra stylish yet wonderfully functional.

Baseball Caps
Just like with the backpacks, the humble boyish baseball cap has had quite the makeover, most notably when it comes to the luxurious fabrics used. With leathers and wools in contrasting colors and textures, everyone from Versace to Calvin Klein has their own version of this classic style.

Slip-On Shoes
Slip-on shoes, considered to be a more polished version of the humble slipper, are extremely on trend for this spring and summer and are ever so practical too. If you are going to be embracing this slipper trend, the one style tip to keep in mind is that you should try to wear them with trousers that are well-tailored, as this will help to keep your whole outfit balanced. When it comes to the slippers themselves, there are so many different shapes, cuts, styles and fabrics out there, that the options are pretty much endless!

Round Flat-Lens Sunglasses
Sunglasses are always going to be necessary during the summer, so when you are picking out a go-to pair for the upcoming season, be sure to try on a few round frames. Round sunglasses come in a huge variety of styles, so you are likely to be able to find one to suit your face shape. When it comes to the lenses, opt for a flat lens rather than the more standard convex lens, as this will instantly change the way in which the sunglasses work with your face, giving you an entirely different look.

Long Scarves
While summer days may be warm, there are always those unexpected evenings when it can turn quite chilly, making it important to have a couple of warmer accessories in your fashion arsenal. Long scarves are casual, but can also be worn with a more corporate outfit, making them ideal for the summer. Thinner fabrics are definitely necessary, but opt for vibrant colors, which not only make a statement but are also extremely versatile. If you want to give your look a modern edge, wear a scarf that features a washed out pattern, which can also be worn with such a huge variety of outfits.

Different accessory trends may come and go, but the hottest ones this season all feature styles that are timeless and classic. From round sunglasses to high-end backpacks, these accessories are all items that you will be able to wear for years to come.