We all know about the consequences that sugar-filled snacks can have on the body, as well as the damage that they can cause to the skin, but these can often be difficult to avoid when you are in desperate need of a quick pick-me-up during the day. The best way to counter these temptations is by putting together a healthy snack box that is always within easy access, filling it with snacks so delicious and beneficial that the commercial and pre-packaged alternatives simply cannot compete with them.

Protein and Fiber
In order for your snacks to be able to effectively keep your body functioning in an optimum way until your next meal, they need to be high in protein and fiber, as this will give you some long lasting energy. Studies have shown that high-protein foods help to prevent over-eating, while fiber contributes to everything from keeping your heart healthy to assisting with digestion. An apple, two tablespoons of chunky peanut butter, and a couple of crackers makes for a well-balanced snack and appeals to both children as well as adults. Pistachio nuts also make for a fantastic snack, as they have the most protein and fiber, as well as the least amount fat when compared to other nuts.

Mix Different Textures
Having four different types of dry food in a snack box is not going to be very appetizing, making it important to consider textures when putting together healthy snacks. Try to incorporate ingredients that each have their own individual texture, from crunchy to soft to dry to chewy, as this will also satisfy any cravings that you may have during the day.

Add a Dip
Dips are so easy to make, and, depending on what ingredients they contain, can be filled with a wide array of beneficial nutrients and antioxidants. They also pair well with a variety of different foods, from crackers to pita chips to steamed vegetable sticks. Hummus is tasty and filling, and can be made in many different flavors, from a beetroot hummus to a roasted red pepper hummus to a garlic hummus, with each ingredient bringing a unique range of benefits to the overall snack. Avocado also makes for a great dip, as do beans and yoghurt.

Be Inspired
Many people tend to equate healthy with boring, but this is most definitely not the case. Inspiration for healthy snacks can come from just about anywhere, even from your favorite classic fast food dishes. For example, a commonly fat-laden dish of nachos can easily be turned into a healthy snack, with thinly sliced sweet potato chips, guacamole, raw sliced red peppers, and a spicy mixed bean salad.

When putting together your healthy snack box, do pay some attention to the presentation of your box, as this can go a long way when it comes to how much you enjoy it. By making sure that your snack boxes are put together with care and thought, and also contain a wide range of different nutrients, flavors and textures, you will no longer be tempted to reach for an unhealthy treat in the middle of the day.