From gourmet burger to sourdough pizzas to spiralized vegetables, food trends always come and go, with the best ones making a permanent appearance in our lives. OROGOLD loves looking ahead at upcoming food trends, so join us as we explore some of the exciting food trends predicted for 2016.

Bison burger

Bison and Other Lean Red Meats
As tasty as it may be, too much beef is bad for your health, but, finally, it seems as though another red meat is going to be becoming more mainstream. This tasty and extremely lean red meat is a healthier alternative to beef, and can be eaten in a variety of ways, from bison burgers to bison steaks. OROGOLD expects to see it appear on more menus, as well as in more refrigerators, as 2016 goes on.

Seaweed salad.

While kale and spinach may have been the superfoods that dominated the shelves in 2015, 2016 is set to be the year that seaweed makes a big impression. The Japanese have long since been an advocate for this superfood, and it seems as though this is finally going to catch on. Seaweed is a readily-available ingredient, and can be used dried as a seasoning, or fresh in place of other greens, and is so nutrient-dense that OROGOLD hopes it will be welcomed onto more tables around the world.

Korean Kimchi

From pickled beets to your own take on Korean kimchi, fermenting is going to become even more popular in 2016. In addition to the jars of sauerkraut and pickled cucumbers that already pack supermarket shelves, you can expect to see a wider variety of vegetables undergoing the fermentation process. Fermenting vegetables turns them into powerful superfoods, while giving them a tangy, sweet and salty flavor.


Matcha has slowly been making an appearance in coffee shops around the world, but OROGOLD expects that we will soon be seeing it much more frequently. Matcha is Japan’s most revered form of green tea, and comes as a powder, making it easy to use. Compared to standard green tea, matcha has three times the amount of cancer-fighting antioxidants, which is why chefs are now beginning to use it in everything from brownies to soups.

Sprout salad

Sprouting Seeds
Sprouting seeds not only have more nutrients than their fully-grown counterparts, but they are also easier for the body to digest, meaning that your body can take full advantage of the nutrients that the sprouted seeds contain. Pre-sprouted seeds will be available at more health food stores around the world, and you will also notice supermarkets will begin to sell sprouting kits for those who want to try it themselves on a windowsill at home. Sprouting seeds can be sprinkled on top of just about every dish, from soups to salads to smoothies.

While some new food trends may seem slightly crazy, the majority of the food trends predicted for 2016 place a huge emphasis on health, and this is something that OROGOLD is definitely looking forward to. From bison replacing beef to sprouting seeds giving our meals a boost of vital nutrients, it seems as though 2016 will be a year of delicious yet healthy foods.