OROGOLD is never short of skin care advice, and we have loved sharing this with all of you throughout 2015. Today we thought that we would look back on the past year, and round up some of our best skin care advice of 2015.

Woman sleeping

Make Sure You’re Getting Beauty Sleep
While making sure that you are getting enough sleep is always important, the way in which you sleep can bring about a variety of effects on your skin. Skin care experts can usually instantly tell which side a person sleeps on from simply looking at their face, as your preferred side will leave that side of your face with more wrinkles and lines. Since sleeping on your back isn’t always practical, OROGOLD recommends investing in a silk or satin pillowcase, as this reduction in friction against your face will minimize any wrinkles that subsequently form.

Change Your Skin Care with the Seasons
In the same way that your clothes and lifestyle habits change with the seasons, so should your skin care. Your skin needs a different level of care in the winter months, but the changes that you make do depend on where you live and the weather changes that you experience. More often than not, winter will bring with it cold and dry air, which means your skin needs a higher level of moisture and nourishment, so a thick and greasy cream is usually best. In the summer months, you can often get away with using a thinner moisturizing lotion, as your skin won’t be experiencing as much water loss.

Neck care

Don’t Ignore Your Neck
The skin on the neck is often an area that is ignored or forgotten about, but this area actually ages at an even faster rate than the skin on your face. OROGOLD suggests extending your facial skin care routine down to your neck every day, giving it the same level of hydration and protection that you give to the rest of your face.

Seek Out Humectants
Humectants are ingredients that are able to attract water from the air and bind that moisture to the skin, keeping the skin hydrated and healthy. There are a variety of different humectants used in skin care, but the most popular one of all is hyaluronic acid, and this is because it can hold up to 1000 times its weight in water. Other humectants that OROGOLD would recommend keeping an eye out for are butylene glycol, sorbitol, alpha hydroxy acids, and seaweed and algae.

Woman cleansing skin.

Never Skip the Cleanser
Cleansing your skin each night is so important, as it removes all of the dirt and impurities from the day that have built up in your pores. Cleansing your skin means that any subsequent products that you apply will be able to penetrate much more easily into your skin, allowing its ingredients to work to their full potential. However, if your skin begins to feel tight after cleansing, OROGOLD suggests looking for a milder cleanser, as it is likely that your current one is too harsh, and is stripping your face of all of its natural, and beneficial, oils.

OROGOLD hopes that our skin care advice throughout 2015 has been able to help you achieve a healthier and clearer complexion. Do stick with us for 2016, as we will be bringing you plenty more new and useful skin care tips and advice.