Skin care has been an issue almost as long as civilization. This makes it little wonder that each group of people around the world came up with their own solutions. OROGOLD has discussed the ideas of Ancient Egyptians before and it makes sense that ancient people had different ideas than modern ones. The thing is that even modern countries take different approaches to skin care as well. Asian models and celebrities stand out in the international scene by virtue of their clean, glowing skin never seeming to have known a flaw. So what are their secrets? This list is a general overview of some skin care tips known to Asian celebrities and their cultures. They may be just what you need to reinvigorate your skin care routine.

Asian woman cleansing face.

The Double Cleanse
Cleansing is vital in skin care and part of keeping the skin healthy by preventing a build up of oil and other grime on the skin. Some Asian cultures take this even farther by cleansing twice during their skin care routines. They don’t just use the typical cleansing products of the West though. Double cleansing typically involves taking an oil or an oil based cleanser to the face after washing the face with water. Once that is done, then they move on to a facial soap or, more commonly, a foaming facial cleanser to do the deep cleaning in the cleanse. A common rule known to celebrities and others is the 4-2-4 rule: 4 minutes of an oil cleanse, 2 minutes of a foaming cleanse, and 4 minutes to wash the face clean and allow it to air dry. Some gently pat their faces with a towel, but allowing the face to air dry is considered superior.

Asian woman eating fruit salad.

Treat Your Body Well
Asian countries favor a holistic approach to skin and body care. As a result, many celebrities credit their skin’s health to living and eating well. They suggest eating a healthy diet and maintaining a decent exercise routine to encourage your body’s overall health. To a degree, mistreating your own body is viewed as not caring enough about yourself for your body to in turn “care” about you. OROGOLD particularly recommends considering this option as part of a lifestyle change if you haven’t already been taking care of yourself. Swapping to a healthier lifestyle can have a variety of positive and dramatic results in both skin and overall health care.

Asian woman getting a facial.

Masks for All
Masks are particularly popular among Asian celebrities. They have a particular importance to Korean celebrities though. The catch is that they tend to use paper masks with product on them as opposed to the pure product masks most people are familiar with. These paper masks provide a light, easily removable option that prevents the hand from potentially adding any grime back to an otherwise clean face during skin care. Additionally, they provide clear lines of demarcation around the face that allow you to apply other products smoothly to particular regions. Masks enjoy such a popularity that they are often used multiple times a week for maximum effect. It should be noted that most of these masks focus on moisturizing the face effectively, and as a result using other kinds of product masks might not produce similar results.

In some ways, skin care is universal in that everyone discovers the same principles to use when seeking beautiful skin. The details of how we do it become the important parts that distinguish one region from another. A double cleanse is relatively foreign to Western thought, but so too was the use of gold by Cleopatra that OROGOLD believes in. You can learn a lot simply by paying attention to the world itself and listening for the worthwhile tips. You’ll inevitably hear the goods ones and take your skin care to new heights.