Everyone knows that part of keeping yourself health is eating right. The problem is that eating right takes time. You have to find the ingredients, set aside the time for preparing the meal, and then you have to cook it. An hour has passed before you know it and you’re already let for the next thing on your to do list. It seems to be one of the sad frustrations of modern life. OROGOLD would like to remind you that it doesn’t have to be this way. Asian food, as a general rule, tends to be healthy, and many variations exist for each dish. The best part of this being that some of these variations take a half hour or less for both prep and cooking. It makes these meals ideal for anyone with an active lifestyle trying to find the time to eat right without it throwing off their entire schedule.

Cashew Chicken.

Cashew Chicken
Traditionally it takes a while to prepare a meal of cashew chicken. The blending of spices, vegetables, and meat is a delicate process that ends up being something few people can actually resist. Time is the prohibitive factor. Fortunately, one chef has created a recipe that tries to capture some of the flavor without the time. There are fewer ingredients than in traditional cashew chicken as well. There is plenty of spice in the recipe to satisfy anyone who prefers their meal on the hot side. This variation on the recipe will take you roughly 20 minutes as long as you have all your ingredients ready. That gives you 10 or more minutes to relax and eat your meal before you head out the door.

Chicken wrap.

Chicken Wraps
There is something to be said for cutting down on the amount of bread in one’s diet. It cuts back on eating too much of the grain portion of your diet and allows you to use other things in its place. The wraps in this recipe use lettuce instead. This actually relatively common in Asian cuisine as the light, crisp flavor and texture of lettuce is easily used to offset the commonly used spicy and savory flavors found in such dishes. This one in particular will take you the full half hour to prepare due to it requiring using a grill for the chicken, but the end result will be truly flavorful. You won’t regret it taking the time for this meal. OROGOLD would like to make a particular note that several varieties of lettuce as also rich in vitamin C and as a result can help boost your skin’s overall health.

Lo mein.

Lo Mein
As a dish, Lo Mein is as complex or as simple as you like it. Ingredients can be added or removed depending on your palette and the recipe itself. This recipe actually encourages alternate ingredients for people who want a heartier meal. The basic ingredients focus using mainly vegetables and sauces for the main flavors without requiring preparing meat separately. It isn’t the fastest version of Lo Mein that you can find, but it will only take you a half hour to prepare when you’ve got all the ingredients waiting. You may even have some leftovers if you’re so inclined.

Eating right doesn’t have to take more time than you have to spare. You just need to find the right recipes and you can have a small repertoire of quick, easy dishes that will satisfy your taste buds and your body. OROGOLD hopes these particular Asian and Asian-inspired recipes are to your liking. You can find plenty more lurking around the Internet with only a little research. Your favorite dish may have a speedier recipe lurking somewhere just waiting to be found.