Skin care tips are everywhere and this sometimes makes it difficult to determine which ones are actually worth your time. The recommendation of a friend of a friend who has this one trick that always works is dubious at best. After all, you’ve never met the person and you can’t see if the trick actually works like you can when an esthetician recommends a certain approach. However OROGOLD decided to investigate models, who make their living off their appearance, and find out their particular tips and tricks when it comes to clear skin. Every model has their own particular skin care routine, but some parts are universal. The simplicity of some answers may actually surprise you.

Woman pointing at her cheeks

Cleanse and Moisturize
The most frequent tips to come from models emphasize how crucial cleansing and proper moisturizing are for the skin. Their occupation necessarily means they may end up wearing a great deal of makeup that would be otherwise harmful to their skin. As a result, a good cleansing was necessary for maintaining their complexion’s clarity most of the time. Different favorite products are always brought up, but the thing that rings true is that every recommended product came from a company with a dedication to quality. Similarly, models emphasized the necessity of keeping their skin moisturized. Harsh lights and products can dry out the skin. It makes moisturizing an absolute necessity in their line of work. This extends beyond the world of models though as all skin benefits from being properly moisturized.

Less is More
Many models highlight that they keep their overall skin care routine as simple as possible. The bolder ones favor maintaining good physical health through diet and exercise to get the most out of your skin. Staying healthy in this fashion helps provide your skin with a natural, healthy glow that is hard to mimic via products. This idea of total body healthy as part of skin care is something OROGOLD has touched on before. Some models dedicated to this approach also highlight that they tend to use only the bare minimum of products, typically a moisturizer, and eschew other options to avoid any accidental damage from using inferior products. This isn’t the most common approach by any means, but there was always a general rule towards emphasizing the basics of skin care and avoiding overburdening the skin with too many products.

Woman applying a facial mask.

Masks are favored by many models as a means to both moisturize and infuse their skin with helpful nutrients. These took many forms depending on the particular skin types or preferences of a given model. The commonality between them all was setting aside the time for this extra treatment now and again as part of overall skin care. A few models use simple masks daily for the best effects and tended to favor very basic moisturizing masks. These were often used nightly. However, the models that favored more complex, regenerative masks made sure to pick a day and stick to it as part of their routine. All of them made sure their faces were thoroughly cleansed before using a mask though to ensure that their skin benefited the most from the treatment.

Strangely enough, models are people too and contend with the same skin issues as everyone else. The often back-to-basics approach they take in skin care shows that sometimes the best approach is the one that simply lets your skin display its natural beauty. The main takeaway from the secrets of models is ultimately what OROGOLD has tried to emphasize: use quality products and take care of yourself. Overburdening your body and skin with too much will always lead to poorer results. So be sure to smile to yourself in the mirror and consider cutting excess products from your skin care routine.