Beauty tips seem appear every time you look away as it seems someone always has this new idea on something that you should try that worked for her friend’s cousin who has skin just like yours. These tips are almost always well-meaning, but taking advice from friends is never quite the same as consulting a professional. OROGOLD examined esthetician tips from around the world to share tried and tested suggestions. These tips were offered as general tips for good practices to maintain for anyone rather than with particular skin types in mind.

Woman applying sunscreen

Wear Sunscreen
There is no way to stress this point enough. Being out in the sun subjects you to UV rays whether they sun is visibly out of hidden behind the clouds. This means you should be wearing sunscreen any time you intend to be outside for any length of time. Not protecting your skin with sunscreen can lead to blemishes and premature aging of the skin. This doesn’t even cover the potential damage if you’re out too long and end up getting sunburn. All estheticians stress that you should be using at least SPF 30 sunscreen routinely. However, don’t forget that the skin of your body and the skin of your face are two separate things. You shouldn’t used sunscreen designed for general use on your face as it can clog up your pores. Instead find a good moisturizer or other product that incorporates a decent SPF strength that you can use in your typical routine on days you’ll be outside.

Woman having a salad

Eat Right
Eating the right foods does wonders for the body, and everyone has heard of various diets meant for boosting particular aspects of health. You’re entirely capable of doing the same for your skin. Foods rich in vitamins A and C, in particular, are excellent foods to incorporate into your meals. Citrus, dark leafy greens, bell peppers, and other foods come in enough variety to suit even a more refined palate. You don’t have to stress over micromanaging your diet to benefit from this either. Simply remembering to incorporate such foods into your daily life is often enough, but it certainly won’t hurt you to add a bit more kale to your next salad or grab an extra grapefruit for a snack during the day. Most of these foods will also help the rest of your body as well.

Woman sleeping.

Maintain Good Sleep Habits
Sleep. It seems like a simple enough habit, but esthetician around the world highlight that many clients just don’t maintain healthy sleep practices. Not getting enough sleep does more to your body than cause unsightly bags under your eyes. It decreases your body’s ability to care for itself, and that includes overall skin health. Most people have had at least one point in their lives where they couldn’t sleep well for a while and while bags are the most obvious sign, we also can tell our skin itself starts being harder to care for and more resistant to routines. As a result, getting a good night’s sleep regularly is one of the better things you can do for your skin. A decent night cream before bed can increase the benefits by helping you establish a soothing before bed ritual too.

These tips are fairly general, though estheticians suggest them as options that everyone could readily practice. You should obviously always use quality products in your routine, but the constantly shifting landscape of beauty means trying new products when attractive options appear. These general rules will help you regardless of your favorite products and potentially help your skin deal with encounters with products of less than expected quality. Just remember that taking care of your skin is ultimately a whole body practice.