You may have one of the best beauty routine you’ve had in years, but OROGOLD would like to recommend a few steps to make it even better. It is a simple fact that even the best routines often miss a step or forget a vital part. The most frequently forgotten aspect is simply overall hygiene. Improving this aspect of your daily routine will help avoid mixing products unintentionally, and avoid more subtle issues with skin care. The good news is that making your routine more hygienic is much easier than you think and simpler too.

Woman washing hands.

Wash Your Hands
Yes, it is a really simple and obvious step, but the fact is many people forget to do this when they aren’t in a mindset that they’ve just handled something that they consider unclean. So remember to wash your hands before you start applying makeup at all and pay careful attention to cleaning under your nails. Doing this helps keep bacteria and other things from building up beneath your nails and on your hands. This transfers to any product bottles or brushes you use frequently, and you might find yourself getting ill or having some skin issues you thought you were past simply from repeated contact with accumulated grime. This is especially important to remember when applying creams and makeup to your face.

Makeup brushes.

Keep Your Brushes and Their Cases Clean
Everyone likes to experiment with new products now and again. This helps you find the perfect match to draw out your natural beauty. However, most people don’t think to clean up their makeup brushes between products. This leads to the older product diluting and potentially damaging the color or texture of the newer one. For the best use of any makeup, OROGOLD recommends that you clean your brushes routinely to make sure you’re working with the product you want to be working with rather than your last five. Similarly, you should replace or clean their case or bag every so often as well. This will keep both you and your accessories looking your best.

Woman trying out nail polish.

Replace Your Products on Time
Each kind of makeup has a particular window during which it is good, but past that date the texture or color begins to change. This can damage the look you’re going for by making the makeup less usable. Fortunately you don’t have to be an expert to know when it is time to change out your makeup. Many makeup options have marked expiration dates past which you should get rid of them. Make it a habit to look through your makeup at least once a month and dispose of expired products. One quick replacement later and you’ll keep being ready to put on your best face without anything getting in your way.

Friends applying makeup

Sharing Actually Isn’t Caring
To keep your routine as hygienic as possible, you’re going to need to try to forget the rule that you should share what you have…at least when it comes to makeup. Remember that most people won’t know about OROGOLD’s recommendations when it comes to keeping their beauty routine hygienic. When you’ve gone through the trouble of improving your routine and share products or brushes with someone, then your routine will get contaminated by their lack of knowledge and you’ll need to clean your brushes anew or replace a product before you were ready.

These are only a few tips to help improve the hygiene of your beauty routine and you can easily expand upon them. Share fewer personal care items, be mindful in general of what you touch with your hands, and, as ever, don’t forget to keep an eye on the quality of your products. OROGOLD can provide plenty of recommendations to help, but only you can put them into practice.