A perfect pout needs to look effortless, but does still take some work to achieve. From lip skin care tips to product advice, here are a few steps that you can take to ensure that your pout is nothing but perfect.

Lip Primer
When it comes to achieving a perfect pout, a lip primer is an optional step, but is one that will definitely make a huge difference. Just like primers for the face, a lip primer provides a base for subsequent products to grip on to, which means that not only will your lip color last for much longer, but it is also much less likely to bleed or smudge. If you tend to frequently be battling dry or chapped lips, then look for a primer that targets this, as these products will contain extra hydrating ingredients. A primer is also especially beneficial if you plan on using a matte lipstick, as these tend to be notorious for drying out the lips.

Woman applying lip liner

Lip Liner and Lipstick
Using a lip liner with a lipstick is the most popular way to amp up a pout, and the advantage here is that these products will be available in just about every shade you could imagine. Apply the lip liner first, using gentle strokes, and then use a lip liner brush to apply your lipstick, as this will give it a much smoother and more even finish. Finally, a layer of lip gloss or lip plumper will help your pout to look much fuller. This only needs to applied to the center of your lips, as you can then press your lips together to naturally distribute the gloss around.

Lip Crayons
For those who want a product that combines the benefits of a lipstick and a lip liner, then a lip crayon could be exactly what you need. Not only are they extremely easy to use, but they will also keep your lips much more moisturized and hydrated than the average lipstick would. Simply outline your lips with the crayon, and then blend this into your lips using a lip brush. Then, with back and forth strokes, fill in the rest of your lips before blotting with a tissue and then applying a final layer.

Woman applying lip balm

While it is common knowledge that skin needs to be regularly exfoliated, the lips are an area that are often neglected. However, chapped lips and flakiness are never a good look, which is why you need to pay some extra attention to exfoliating your lips. Lip exfoliating scrubs are easily available, and you can alternate these with a soft toothbrush for some extra exfoliation.

A perfect pout is something that many strive for, but it does take more than just a few swipes of lipstick to achieve this. In addition to the makeup that you use, you need to also ensure that your lips are well cared for, with everything from regular exfoliation to products that target any skin issues, as this is key when it comes to a beautiful, effortless pout.