With a naturally sun-kissed, laid back look, Australian beauty is something that women all over the world strive to replicate. From potent native ingredients to healthy lifestyle choices, these are a few Australian beauty secrets that everybody can learn from.

SPF is a Priority
Australians enjoy plenty of sun throughout the year, and this means that applying sunscreen becomes second nature to most Australians once they reach adulthood. Since the sun is responsible for up to 90% of wrinkles, this dedication to sun protection means that Australians are able to enjoy smoother skin for much longer.

Native Ingredients
Every country has their own range of native ingredients that have been traditionally used for cosmetic purposes, and Australia is no exception. A country that is rich in mineral deposits, Kaolin clay is an ingredient that many locals swear by, as it has the ability to draw toxins and impurities out of the skin. The versatile tea tree oil is also cultivated in Australia, as is the Banksia flower, which is packed with antioxidants. Papayas are another important local ingredient, with papaya extract being effective at detoxing and brightening the skin, while the Kakadu plum contains more vitamin C than any other fruit.

Fresh Air
Australia is a beautifully diverse country, and Australians are known for making the most of the outdoors and their incredible surroundings. Spending time outside in the fresh air, especially on a beach, does wonders for the skin and body, bringing you everything from a healthy glow to a boost in circulation.

Woman using natural products
A Holistic Approach to Beauty
Australians tend to take more of a holistic approach to beauty, and nurturing your body from the inside has been proven, time and time again, to not only slow down aging, but also boost the complexion. A healthy lifestyle plays an important role when it comes to beauty in Australia, including a well-balanced diet that is filled with a large quantity of locally grown produce, of which there is plenty to be found all over the country. Australians firmly believe that natural ingredients are key when it comes to beauty, and this is something that just about everybody could benefit from.

Make the Most of the Sea
With over 16,000 miles of coastline, Australians have plenty of access to the beauty benefits that the sea brings with it. One of these benefits comes after a swim in the sea, when the salt water gives the hair a gorgeous beachy texture. Australians believe that salt water has so many different beauty benefits, which is why, when traveling, many will often bring along a travel-sized spray bottle filled with sea water, so that they can use it on their skin or their hair whenever it is needed.

Every country and culture will have their own unique beauty traditions, and many of these can be incorporated into your own beauty routine, no matter where in the world you may live. From adopting a more holistic approach to beauty, to purchasing a few potent Australian ingredients, these secrets are each well worth paying attention to.