OROGOLD always loves learning about the beauty traditions and customs from different countries, and Australia is absolutely full of these. From the native ingredients used to their traditional beauty techniques, OROGOLD has put together some of the best beauty tips that we have learned in Australia.


Known around the world as the papaya, large red varieties of pawpaw are grown throughout Australia, and, in addition to being a delicious fruit, the pawpaw also brings with it many skin benefits. It is used topically in Australia to treat everything from pimples to sunburn to dry skin to mosquito bites, and is most commonly found in the form of an ointment.

Healthy diet.

Holistic Approach to Beauty
While Australian women still invest in a whole array of beauty products, they also take quite a holistic approach to beauty, placing a strong emphasis on a healthy diet and lifestyle. Australia is known for its organic produce, and locals try to take full advantage of this, understanding the benefits that this can bring to their skin, hair and overall health. Australians appreciate the glow that radiates from the skin after spending hours frolicking around outdoors, and with so much diverse natural beauty around them, it isn’t too hard to do so!

Woman with wet hair

Ocean Water
The Australians strongly believe in the power that the ocean can have, with its salt water being a cure-all for many problems. They also make full use of the ocean when it comes to their hair. Textured and tousled waves are synonymous with the Australian beach vibe, and some Australian women literally fill up a spray bottle with ocean water, using that on their hair at home to create an authentic beachy style.

Yarrow flower

Yarrow Extract
Yarrow is a herb that is native to Europe, but has been used by the Aboriginals and Australian women for years. Yarrow, most commonly used as yarrow extract, is anti-inflammatory and an antiseptic, as well as an astringent and a sedative, giving it so many different purposes. From treating stretch marks to hydrating the skin, this is an ingredient that many Australian women have in their beauty arsenal.

Woman applying sunscreen

Double-Up on Sunscreen
Australians enjoy a large amount of sunshine, and although many of them do sport a glowing bronzed look, they also do understand the importance of protecting your skin from the sun. Most Australian beauty products will already contain SPF, but Australians realize that this alone is not enough to protect their skin from the sun’s UVA and UVB rays. Before applying their SPF makeup, many Australian women will first apply a layer of sunscreen, to give their skin some extra protection. This is a tip that OROGOLD recommends you follow, no matter where in the world you are, as your skin will always appreciate some extra protection.

Just like every other country, Australia has their own beauty tips and secrets. From the unusual ingredients that are popular with locals to a healthy and holistic approach to beauty, these are beauty tips that you can easily consider adopting in your own life.