When you need to be wearing clothes that are functional, putting together a stylish outfit can often seem quite challenging. Whether you are dressing for work, heading to the gym, or picking out a travel outfit, these tips will help to ensure that you always look sassy and chic when wearing functional clothing.

Don’t Skimp On Functional Pieces
When buying new items of clothing, especially ones that are aimed at being functional rather than fashionable, it is important not to skimp, and to be prepared to spend some extra money in order to acquire a quality item, rather than one that uses poor materials or has been shoddily put together. If possible, choose a variety that matches your own personal style, as this will then make it much easier to incorporate it into your existing wardrobe.

Pay Attention to Fit
Even if you have to wear the drabbest uniform each and every day, the way in which the clothes fit your body will make a huge difference to your overall finished look. Clothing that fits your body well will also be able to move and function much better, giving you much more freedom while highlighting your body shape.

Versatile Colors
If you are purchasing a functional piece of clothing that you will be wearing on a regular basis, opting for a neutral color is always best. While the neon and bright shades may be appealing to you, they will be much more difficult to style, and you will also find it harder to transition this piece through the seasons. Black, gray and navy are great neutral colors to choose, and it is still easy to add a pop of color depending on how you style your look. However, it is also important not to opt for dark neutral colors for your entire wardrobe, so do make sure that you have a number of contrasting shades in there too.

Timeless Styles
While that new pair of feature-rich work boots may be extremely tempting, it is always best to go for timeless and classic styles when picking out functional clothing. This will ensure that you can wear the same piece year upon year, and, if you have followed the tip above on never skimping on functional clothing, the item in question will be able to hold up against all of the wear and tear it receives for several years.

Reversible Clothing
Reversible clothing has been popular for a number of years now, and can work well for many different occasions. Whether you want a new look when transitioning from day to night, or simply want more value for your money when splurging on a particular item, reversible clothing can be extremely functional.

Functional clothing is important for a number of different reasons, but this does not mean that your look needs to be boring or drab. Instead, by choosing your functional pieces with thought and care, you will be able to easily incorporate them into stylish outfits that beautifully showcase your own personality.