Cosmetics are almost always a matter of personal taste unless you’re professional model. Some people like making states with vibrant or eye-catching colors that truly stand out. Other people prefer to take a more subtle approach where they simply emphasize one aspect without making it central to their appearance. OROGOLD knows people are used to dramatic colors being used during the fall, but there are plenty of neutral colors actually making their way through the beauty world this fall. It is partly due to the current fashion trend towards natural looks and partly due to the normal variation in tones available at any given moment. Regardless, here are some of the current best neutral tones available.

Woman with pink nail polish

Anyone with lighter skin already knows that shades of pink make for excellent nudes capable of giving nails an added boost in beauty. This hasn’t changed at all. Pinks did factor into the fall and winter fashion week this year though. As a result, they are definitely in style at the moment. OROGOLD recommends anyone with lighter skin take the time to find the appropriate shade of pink to get a nude look from their nails. It will help your nails look longer and more graceful if you get the tone right. Favorable tones will typically be among the softer shades of pink available on the market. It shouldn’t take too much to find a good shade for your nails.

We return again to gray, but with a twist. Blues are enjoying a solid popularity in nail polish currently, but in many cases this is particularly for metallic shades. Variations on them as just as good for neutrals though. Blue-gray is one of the most popular ones trending at the moment combining the utility of gray with the more noticeable coloring of blue. These shades have different names depending on the company making them, but you’ll readily recognize them. They are soft tones lacking the full vibrancy of a pure blue. The tone does bring with it an air of cool mystery and subtle beauty that both of its component shades tend to lack on their own though.

Woman with gray nail polish

Gray is a somewhat somber color, but it isn’t terribly surprising given fall color choices tend towards dramatic and somber tones. This color comes in many minute variations that are usable with different outfits. One of the most popular this fall is typically referred to as “concrete gray”. Multiple companies have their own versions of this color, but it is overall fairly consistent. The matte tone of this gray actually allows it to complement more outfits than many of its immediate counterparts in its shade group. You can switch from darker clothing to lighter clothing through the week without your nail color clashing. The subdued nature of the color might not suit everyone’s tastes though.

Fall colors for nail polishes aren’t the most vibrant in the world this year. They seldom are, but there was some experimentation with vibrant makeup and nail polish trends at Fashion Week. Don’t be afraid to investigate those as well if neutrals don’t appeal to you. OROGOLD does suggest keeping neutrals in mind for more formal or otherwise quieter events where you want to stand out, but wish to maintain a respectful air. Enjoy the fall, but don’t neglect your nails when planning outfits.