Trying a new hairstyle now and again can make you see yourself in a whole new light. It changes how your face framed, and can add a new dimension to your looks. You can even try to keep up with the trends for an added level of style. Each fall’s trends tend to be set at the first fashion weeks of the year. This makes remembering them a little problematic when that time of year actually comes around. OROGOLD took the time to write these styles down so that you could go on with your busy schedule. There are a few general trends to consider when looking into styles this year, but the most prominent is the return of long hair to prominence with all that entails.

Ralph Lauren Spring 2016, New York Fashion Week /

Long and Natural
While many of the models had long hair in the Fall/Winter Fashion Weeks, there was a conspicuous absence of any drastic styling. Designers opted to let their model’s natural hair shine through. There was a clear trend towards taking excellent care of their hair, but the most many models seem to be doing was adding a very slight wave to their hair as if they’d let their hair air dry in a braid. This look doesn’t demand too much from you beyond allowing your hair to grow out. You should focus on a healthy diet and a good hair care routine. Your hair and scalp’s health will improve some if you stick to allowing your hair to air dry, but you can dry it yourself if you’re in a hurry. Just remember to keep the dryer on low and to keep it back away from your scalp to minimize the impact and give as close to an air dried look as possible.

Polish-American Fashion Foundation Show

lev radin /

In keeping with the natural hair trend, many of the models tended to wear their hair in unconventional side-tails to add an air of difference without it being too obvious. Most of the tails in Fashion Week were highly slicked and used a low tail to achieve that designer’s desired look. This wasn’t universal though as some opted to use jewelry or pins to create designs within the hair itself for an air of subtle elegance. If you choose to experiment with a slicked look for your hair, OROGOLD reminds you that thinner and finer hair will need less product. Begin with smaller amounts of product and work your way up until you find the right amount that works for your hair. Too much product will simply make your hair look unhealthy, oily, and flat.

Lainy Gold Swimwear fashion show /

The tendency towards simple styles didn’t stop there. A myriad of models simply had basic blowouts to provide extra body to their hair. These made the part for the hair of particular importance to the style. Side parts were by far the most popular option to use with blowouts on the runway. Depending on the designer, some blowouts enjoyed a distinct textured look that showed use of a product while others kept with the tendency towards natural hair with minimal product being used. When products were used with a blowout, these tended to be to give the bangs or fringe a styled look that built upon their outfit the model was wearing.

Fashion Week didn’t bring with it a host of hairstyles requiring more product than hair this year. Instead it offered low key ways to improve anyone’s looks with a little knowledge. This approach to allowing natural beauty to shine carried over into the makeup and is a trend that OROGOLD finds interesting. Supporting people’s natural beauty helps everyone feel more confident and happy with themselves. It doesn’t hurt that it means a day of rushing out the door might result in a surprisingly stylish hairstyle.