Woman purchasing fabrics

You try to take care of your skin daily with your skin care routine. Day and night you consider what best to apply, eat, and do to keep you and your skin looking your very best. You can do better though. This isn’t meant to be an expression of doubt in your commitment on the part of OROGOLD, but rather that there is a further step you can take to encourage good health for your skin. All you need to do is consider buying some new bed sheets. Not all materials are created equally and you probably should have a closer look at what you’re sleeping on than most people do. If you’re already keeping a closer eye on your clothing like we’ve suggested before, then think of this as an extension to those ideas.

One good fabric to consider for bed sheets is linen. Not a linen blend, but a wholly natural set of linen sheets. They are the reason that bed sheets are referred to as linens. Linen is a comparatively strong natural fiber that has seen use in clothing and bedding for ages. It readily takes to dyes and its strength means that you will likely be using linen sheets for years to come. If you’re looking for the options absolutely best for your skin though, then consider going with sheets that opt to use linen’s natural color. The ivory tones of natural linen make for a tasteful and airy note of color in a bedroom that is beautiful without introducing any extra chemical through dye. The fabric also breathes easily and regulates temperature well.

Cotton’s presence as a favored textile material has been unquestioned for centuries. The light, flexible material’s properties get determined by thread count and other factors of its preparation. For lower-quality preparations, the material feels coarser, but retains the beneficial properties of cotton in that it continues to breathe and move despite the work of a day. OROGOLD does recommend opting for high-quality cotton options when you’re looking for bed sheets though. These preparations of cotton are soft to the touch and flow across the skin with a ready ease. Ensure you’re acquiring 100% cotton sheets though to get the best option. Pure cotton breathes the best. Like linen, cotton is easily dyed, but avoiding dyes and artificial fabric blends is potentially the best option for your skin.

The feeling of silk close to one’s skin is often reported as one of the most luxurious feelings in the world. As a material, it is soft, flexible, and light. It is also the only material to make this list that doesn’t come from a plant. True silk comes from carefully cared for silk worms. Sheets made of silk don’t breathe quite as well as linen or cotton, but do breathe much better than many synthetic options. Avoid blends for the same reasons discussed before. You want pure, natural silk if you’re trying to take the best care of your skin. This is partly a precaution and partly a way to make sure you get the full experience of the material rather than one diluted by unnecessary additions. You will need to take special care with silk sheets as they demand care to fit their status as a material.

These materials are ones you should keep an eye out for the next time you’re shopping for bed sheets. You’ll also need to consider all the sheets you may need as this varies by region of the world. The United States is fond of a combination of a fitted sheet, top sheet, and comforter of some sort in most cases, but this can vary by region. Some portions of the world favor a fitted sheet and a duvet alone. OROGOLD encourages you to consider trying out new sheet arrangements in addition to new sheets. Between the two you’ll find something both comfortable for you and wonderful for your skin.