Although most of us head to the beach for some relaxation and down time, there are so many other ways that our bodies can benefit from spending time by the sea. From the rejuvenating properties of salt water to the stimulating and exfoliating powers of the sand, OROGOLD takes a look at the health benefits that our bodies can enjoy from spending a day at the beach.

Woman enjoying the summer sun in a beach.

Although we are constantly being warned about the dangers of sun exposure, it can actually also have some amazing benefits. Vitamin D, which is essential for bone and skin health, is only obtained from the sun when UV rays can penetrate into your skin. However, all that is needed for your daily dose of vitamin D is ten to fifteen minutes of unprotected sunlight, so OROGOLD highly recommends that you wear sunscreen after this. In addition to this, studies have shown that the heat from the sun also affects the endocrine system, releasing more endorphins, which, in turn, protects the body from autoimmune diseases, as well as encourages the body to relax. The sun is also able to treat certain skin conditions, such as psoriasis, with UV light being a common treatment that is prescribed by doctors.

Woman walking barefoot on the sand

With 3000 to 7000 different nerve endings in our feet, these are often rarely stimulated, unless you are someone who regularly takes barefoot walks in the sand, as this stimulates them much more than simply wearing shoes. Sand, wet sand in particular, is also a natural exfoliant, and helps to remove dead skin cells from the feet, as well as from any other body part that the sand comes into contact with. A day at the shore also promotes exercise, even if it just involves a stroll along the beach, as walking on the sand involves double the amount of mechanical work than walking on a hard surface does.

Fashionable woman in a beach

Sea water is packed with different minerals, from magnesium to potassium to iodine, and all of these help the body to heal, detoxify, and fight off any infections. Salt and potassium in particular are able to seal off damaged skin and promote its healing. Sea water is also known to restore the elasticity of the skin, while swimming in the sea has been linked to decreased stress levels and an increased sense of well-being.

Woman enjoying the fresh air in a beach

Fresh Air
Although the fresh air at the shore is likely to have always made you feel better, many people don’t realize that there is a scientific explanation for this. Sea air is charged with negative ions, which we breathe in whenever we are at the shore. These ions create biochemical reactions within the body that not only increase our ability to absorb oxygen, but also give a boost to the body’s serotonin levels, reducing stress and encouraging the body to relax.

Each different aspect of a day at the shore has great benefits for the body. The sun, sand, sea and fresh air all work together to make us healthier, both physically and mentally. However, OROGOLD reminds you that moderation is key, and if you overdo your time at the shore, it may bring about more negative changes than positive.