OROGOLD always loves learning about beauty secrets from around the world, taking tips and advice from some of the best ones and incorporating them into our own beauty routine. Today, OROGOLD has gathered together fantastic Mexican beauty secrets that we are sure that you will love.

Exfoliation treatment

Regular Exfoliation
Exfoliation is taken seriously in Mexico, with many locals always making sure that they have a jar of sugar or coarse sea salt in their bathroom at all times. Since brown sugar has smaller and softer granules than sea salt, this is the ingredient that OROGOLD would recommend that you use on more delicate parts of your body.

Tepezcohuite Tree Products
One of Mexico’s biggest beauty secrets is the extract that is obtained from the bark of the Tepezcohuite tree. The bark contains powerful anti-microbial, analgesic and regenerative properties, meaning that it is extremely effective at helping to minimize wrinkles, scars, acne, stretch marks and eczema. Skin cream made from Tepezcohuite bark has always been popular in Mexico, while the bark in a powdered form is used to treat burns and minor injuries.


Tequila-Soaked Jalapenos
Using jalapenos that have been soaked in tequila on your hair may seem slightly crazy, but this is one of the best kept Mexican beauty secrets and is the key to gorgeous luscious locks. The jalapenos are soaked in the tequila for a few days, with the mixture being left out in the sun, before being applied to the hair for fifteen minutes and then washed out. The blue agave in the tequila protects your scalp, preventing it from drying out, while the jalapenos are fantastic for increasing circulation and stimulating hair growth.


Superfood-Rich Diet
While images of tacos, enchiladas and burritos may be conjured up in your mind when you think of Mexican food, Mexico is actually home to some of the world’s healthiest superfoods. From avocado to coconut to cacao, each of these superfoods contain antioxidants and other nutrients that directly benefit the skin, whether this may be due to their anti-aging properties, their ability to restore skin elasticity, or their effectiveness at stimulating cell regeneration. While Mexicans tend to incorporate many of these foods into their diet on a regular basis, there are also many local skin care products, from creams to facial masks, that contain these ingredients, to give their skin even more of a boost.

Woman applying makeup.

Light Makeup
Mexicans tend to stay away from heavy and cakey makeup, believing, and rightfully so, that this can affect the health of your skin. Women in Mexico usually prefer opting for minimal makeup, and make sure to remove it every night before bed, understanding the importance of allowing the skin to breathe while they sleep.

Every country around their world has their share of beauty secrets, and Mexico is no exception. From the incredible native products that they use, to certain techniques that they place a huge importance on, with beauty secrets like these, it is no surprise that Mexican women are known for their glowing, luminous skin.