Woman getting a facial stimulation treatment in a spa.

It can be a frightening experience to consider applying electricity to the most sensitive and visible part of the human body—the face. However, electrical treatments have been around for hundreds of years in the beauty world though little is said about them. Learn all about facial stimulators and how they can help you here on OROGOLD!

What Are They?
Facial stimulators work on stimulating and enhancing the skin using many microcurrents of electricity to target specific areas of the face. These currents are so small that they are completely harmless yet able to travel through the skin to target difficult to reach facial muscles. There are many different types of machines and gadgets that all achieve this effect; there is not a specific one that is considered standard.

What Do They Do?
Facial stimulators can have a variety of purposes when it comes to skin care. The main and most common use of facial stimulation is to tone the facial muscles to be firmer over time. Studies have also shown that the electrical stimulation can promote the faster healing of muscles, as well. Facial stimulation can also increase collagen and elastin fiber production in the skin which helps fill in fine lines and wrinkles for tighter, firmer skin.

The muscle toning effect can also help create a more symmetrical face shape. Often, weaker muscles lead to an uneven face. Extra attention to these areas can create a more desirable and symmetric look which is often seen among celebrities and models. Muscle toning can also increase the arch of the eyebrow if desired, which can allow for a more feminine facial structure.

On the other hand, facial stimulators cannot fix sagging skin cause by stretching or dramatic weight loss because in those cases, ligaments are stretched over time and can be irreversibly damaged.

How to Use Them?
For women, facial stimulators should be mainly focused on the upper face. A toned jawline is often considered a more masculine feature which may be undesirable for some women who prefer a softer line. Older women are also better candidates because women with younger skin have reported masculine results over time, as well.

Next, these stimulators need to be used often and at regular intervals. Maintenance is key. Because facial stimulation deals with the toning of muscles, this toning needs to be regularly continued in order for the muscle to continue to have strength and elasticity.

It is possible to also get professional sessions at a salon. These sessions might be desirable if you want a specific effect or area targeted or just want a professional’s assistance.