A beautiful image showing the top 5 ingredients from the sea.

The ocean has always had an air of mystery and intrigue to go along with it. Some of the longest living organisms have lived in the ocean, which means something about it must be healthy. Here are some OROGOLD approved ingredients taken from the ocean that can change your skin care routine for the better:

Kelp is a marine plant that is rich in proteins, nutrients, and minerals that are perfect for skincare. First off, kelp helps detox your skin, drawing out toxins and bacteria for healthier skin. It also contains Omega-3 essential fatty acids that nourish the skin over time.

Sea Salt
Sea salt is taken from evaporated ocean water and is one of the purest natural minerals to be used for beauty products. Good quality sea salt can contain over 75 minerals to strengthen and purify the skin. These minerals can help with a range of skin care issues such as evening skin tone, combatting aging effects, and hydrating skin.

Brown Algae
Brown algae contain vitamins, minerals, proteins, and even antioxidants which help improve both the look and the feel of your skin. Algae are much smaller than larger plants but still have a large impact on skincare routines. Brown algae has potassium, calcium, iron and zinc that help your skin form a better natural barrier that helps it retain vitamins and water. With more of these, the end result is hydrated beauty.

Caviar is a famous and expensive delicacy around the world made of salted miniature fish eggs. Caviar gives your skin the protein (or amino acids) it needs to look fresh and bright every day. It also has healing properties because the cell structure of caviar is close to human cells. This helps human skin rejuvenate and heal faster as well as age slower. It’s not just a delicacy for your mouth but for your skin, too!

Seaweed is another marine plant that contains tons of nutrients for your skin. It is actually technically a large form of algae. Because seaweed takes nourishment from the ocean, the nutrients that it absorbs are much greater than those of plants that grow on land. Seaweed is a natural cleanser and purifier. Overtime, it can even help reduce the visibility of fine lines and wrinkles by stimulating skin cells. It also works to improve skin elasticity and hydration. Seaweed can also stimulate collagen production for a more full and lifted face. Brown seaweed mainly soothes the skin while helping against aging affects whereas green seaweed can be an astringent that helps reduce inflammation and that brings out toxins instead.