Beautiful skinYour skin is the key to any great look. Taking care of your skin is imperative; sun damage, dry weather, and many other factors can make your skin look tired, washed out, or irritated. ORO GOLD wants to help you have the best skin you can. Here are some expert skincare tips from OROGOLD Cosmetics to keep your healthy looking fresh and clean.

Hydration starts from the inside. If you are dehydrated, there is no way to get moisturized, dewy skin. On average, you should try to drink eight cups of water a day.

Get Some Rest
It’s harder than it sounds, but sleep is the best pathway to perfect skin. Rest is really the only surefire way to get rid of those annoying under eye bags. A minimum of eight hours a night will give you fresh looking skin each morning.

Applying sunscreenWear Sunscreen
Wearing a broad spectrum SPF 30 sunscreen every day helps to prevent wrinkles, skin cancer, and sunburns. Protection from the sun can also prevent age spots and other noticeable skin problems as you age.

Eat Citrus, Chocolate, Tea, and Wine
Vitamin C-rich foods such as lemons and oranges support your liver and kidneys and may help prevent wrinkles, too. Chocolate has a nasty reputation for being a cause of acne, but actually dark chocolate contains many antioxidants that protect skin. Wine, too, is filled with antioxidants that do the same—maybe keep it to one glass, though. Starting your day out with a cup of green, black, or white tea can also help with antiaging.

Exercise isn’t just a great way to burn calories. Exercise works to help transfer oxygen and nutrients to the skin. Dermatologists recommend avoiding high-impact exercises such as running because they can cause sagging and instead recommend activities such as cycling to stay healthy.

Don’t Smoke
Smoking narrows the blood vessels in the outer layers of skin which decreases the blood flow to the skin. The skin then cannot receive the oxygen and nutrients it needs to look and feel healthy. Smoking can also damage collagen and elastin which give the skin flexibility and strength; therefore, smoking creates more fine lines and wrinkles and over time to make you look older.

If your skin starts to look dull, use an exfoliator or a deep peel to help remove dead skin cells from the surface. You should try to only exfoliate twice a week to avoid drying out or irritating the skin.

Take a Warm Shower
A warm, but not hot, shower opens up your pores and is the perfect place to wash your face. Furthermore, giving yourself five extra minutes in the shower to relax is a great way to improve your skin condition.

Relaxing for better skin careManage Stress
High stress causes the increase of hormones that can cause aggravating breakouts. Controlling stress is usually easier said than done but incorporating some techniques such as turning off technology or devoting a half hour or so to a personal fun activity can help you be healthier overall, including your skin.