Beauty is a word that gets thrown around quite a bit these days, but studies have shown that there actually is no international standard for beauty, and that the word actually means something quite different depending on where in the world you live.

Confidence and Conviction
In many parts of Europe, especially in the UK and Germany, beauty is believed to be about confidence and contentment. This is even more exaggerated in France, where many women choose to forgo the standard range of beauty and makeup products and opt instead for poise and conviction, confident that this will bring them a sense of inner beauty that money simply cannot buy.

Sexiness and Power
In the US, sexiness has quite a strong link to beauty. While the concept of sexiness may be something else that differs with each person, confidence is something that has once again long since been linked with sexiness. In Brazil, being sexy is also important when it comes to beauty, but in order to truly be beautiful, you need to have some level of power as well. This is similar to China in a way, where they regard power as being pretty much synonymous with beauty.

Physical Attributes
Of course, there are certain countries that place a much bigger emphasis on physical attributes, from body shape to facial appearance. Italy and Brazil are two countries that do this, but, again, their concept of physical beauty is something that is continually changing. Physical beauty concepts are changing all over the world, with our beauty icons today being much more diverse than they were in history. Mexico is a country that loves its beauty products, but the sense of beauty that most women get come from their social interactions and the way in which they share beauty advice, tips and compliments with each other. Something that has always remained the same across all countries, however, is the beauty that comes from glowing skin and fantastic hair, and this is something that most people can easily achieve.

Feeling Beautiful
While there are some places that consider physical attributes to be important, the majority of the world places a huge significance on inner beauty, and this is something that each person can develop within themselves. Rather than thinking about yourself in a critical way, it is time to start being more positive and work on building up your self-confidence. When it comes to your appearance, embrace each and every one of your features rather than trying to hide them, focussing instead on allowing the poise and confidence to shine through your eyes. A smiling woman is something that all nationalities agree is beautiful, and this couldn’t be easier to do, so make an extra effort to smile more each and every day.

Beauty may have so many different definitions and meanings, but, as they say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. The best aspect when it comes to beauty is that we each see it as something different, so rather than trying to fit a specific mould, celebrate your personal qualities, as those are what make you truly beautiful.