While many may think that spray tanning is usually reserved for those who have a paler and lighter skin tone, darker complexions can also benefit from the bronzed color boost that a spray tan can give. Not only will a spray tan make your skin look so much more radiant, but it can also help with certain skin issues, such as minimizing stretch marks, reducing the appearance of vitiligo, and smoothing out an uneven complexion.

Added Radiance
Those with darker complexions usually opt for a spray tan that will give their skin some extra radiance. While the actual color of the tan may look quite dark for the first couple of days, this will usually settle, resulting in a natural hue with a radiance and a sheen that makes your skin glow.

Reduces Appearance of Vitiligo
Vitiligo is a condition that results in patches of discoloration, and while this affects people of all skin tones, it is much more noticeable on darker skin. A spray tan is a great way to camouflage this, as it is able to even out your complexion all over your body.

Covers Up Stretch Marks
Stretch marks are an issue that so many women battle with, and while UV rays from the sun may only make stretch marks appear more severe, a spray tan is able to make your marks much less visible, even blending them into the rest of your skin completely in some cases. While this may not be a permanent solution, it is a great temporary fix if you were hoping to hide any marks this summer.

Choosing a Shade
When visiting a salon for a spray tan, you will usually be presented with a few different options to choose from, with each one containing different levels of the chemical that is able to give your skin some extra color. There is likely to be an option specifically designed for darker skin, and this is usually one of the existing darker shades that have been mixed with a bronzing booster, as this helps the color to penetrate deeper. This bronzing booster can be added to any of the available levels, so you are still able to choose how deep and dark you want your tan to look. One of the benefits of applying a spray tan to dark skin is that the dreaded outcome of looking too orange does not seem to apply, giving you one less thing to worry about!

In the days following on from your spray tan, it is important to keep your skin well moisturized. Darker skin can often be more susceptible to dryness, and in order for your tan to not only look its best but last as long as possible, you need to keep your skin supple, smooth and well-hydrated.

While those with darker complexions may not be looking to change the color of their skin tone, a spray tan is a great way to enhance it, making you look healthier, leaner and longer. If you have a darker complexion and have never before considered spray tanning, this may be something to look into further for a beautiful glow this summer.