It is common knowledge that moisturizing is absolutely essential for healthy skin, as this not only gives your skin a boost of hydration, but also protects it from the environment, while preventing any water-loss. While it is always going to be beneficial to moisturize your skin, no matter the time of day, the best time to apply your moisturizer is immediately after stepping out of the bath or shower.

Trapping in Moisture
A moisturizer works by forming a protective film over the surface of the skin, preventing moisture from evaporating. By applying one after showering, when your skin is still damp, the moisturizer will form its film over the water, trapping it within and giving it the time it needs to properly penetrate into each of your skin cells.

The Right Amount of Water
When it comes to maximizing the amount of water that you are able to trap into your skin, the key is finding the right balance of dampness and dryness after stepping out of the shower. If there is still too much water on the surface of your skin when you apply your moisturizer, this water will only dilute the product, preventing it from forming its protective film over your skin. However, if you wait too long after your shower, or towel dry your skin too much, then you will not be able to provide your skin with this extra moisture that could otherwise have been so beneficial.

Exfoliating and Shaving
Exfoliating and shaving are both often carried out in the bath or shower, and both of these practices have the effect of stripping the surface of the skin, not only removing it of hair or dead skin cells, but also taking away its natural oils. These natural oils help to protect the skin, and by moisturizing after a shower, you will be providing your skin with a way in which it can remain protected while it replenishes its oil levels. The fact that you have cleared your skin of dead skin cells and other impurities will mean that the moisturizer will be able to soak even deeper into the layers of your skin, and will actually be much more effective.

Woman applying foot cream

Moisturize Your Entire Body
When moisturizing, it is important not to focus on one area, such as your face or your chest. Instead, take the time to ensure that every inch of skin is covered with a layer of moisturizer, from your elbows to your knees, gently rubbing this in using soft, circular motions.

While moisturizing after a shower or a bath may be the most beneficial time to do so, it is important to moisturize your skin more than once a day, and if your shower is in the evening, you should still be applying another layer before bed. By keeping your skin constantly well-moisturized, you will not only be able to avoid a number of different skin issues, such as premature wrinkles or flaky skin, but will also be able to enjoy a healthy and youthful complexion for much longer.