One aspect of the iconic look of Californians as a whole is beach hair. The lightly curled yet still possessing volume look that hair gets after a day’s exposure to salt water. It is easy enough to get if you have ready access to an ocean, but often viewed as beyond reach without one. After all if you can’t just run down to the ocean on a free day and let the sun and salt does their work, then how are you supposed to actually get that look? It isn’t actually a hopeless proposition though. OROGOLD asked around and found out quick ways to get your hair looking like your fresh from the beach even if you’re quite far from California.

Woman showering.

It All Begins with a Shower
Amusingly, getting the beach look does start with you having clean hair. Wash your hair as you usually do, but be prepared to deal with a few extra steps afterwards. Once you’re out of the shower, gently pat your hair dry while you make a choice. There are three options for setting up for the beach look: braid or bun your wet hair, tousle your hair with product, or both. You’re likely going to need to experiment with what your hair in particular needs to get the look. Thin, fine hair in particular will need more product to get the volume of the look, but curly hair will require a bit more manipulation to get it in line with the look as opposed to its usual curls.

Woman drying her hair.

Finer Details
After you’ve set your hair up with product or simply put it up, your next step will depend on what you chose to do. If you’re just using product, then you can get away with quickly drying your hair. Don’t be too thorough though. Aim for drying your hair enough that its volume starts being restored, but not all the way. Allowing it to air dry just a bit can enhance the look. However, if you’ve opted to put your hair up in braids or a bun, then you should wait for your hair to completely dry before you take it down. It is important for you to truly wait until it is dry though as taking your hair down before it is dry will damage the look you’re going for in the long run. Once it is dry, you can unwind your hair though.

Woman using a hair spray.

Finishing Touch
Texturing sprays are a good finishing touch. Particular sprays help add both the scent of salt water along with making your hair feel more like you’ve gotten the look from salt water rather than careful steps. Once that’s done, follow your usual routine for fixing a hair style in place, but don’t use too heavy of a product for this. Remember that you want light, effortless looking curls. Too much product will weigh your hair down and make it flat. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different options for this step though. You might even find a particular product that works particularly well for this that others haven’t found out about yet.

Beach hair is a casual yet stylish look that you can use for many occasions. It will match up to summer outfits a bit better simply by the nature of the hair, but don’t let that prevent you from trying it out at any time of year. After all, Californians can pull it off no matter the time of year. They do have the advantage of seeming to lack seasons though. OROGOLD hopes this simple guide at least gives you a decent idea of how to get beach hair though and that it helps you look your best.