California has an enduring reputation for summer, sand, and style. Even if your mind doesn’t instantly gravitate towards the glamor of Hollywood, there is no escaping the state’s association with beauty simply from all the tanning going on on the state’s beaches. Residents of California has to balance a variety of factors when taking care of their skin like everyone else. So how do Californians take care of their skin? OROGOLD intends to explain just that and provide you with a little insight into what it means to look good during a stay in California. Don’t forget though that these tips are good for everyone, but some are better for areas with similar climates.

Woman applying sunscreen.

One of our favorite tips, and one of the ones most important to skin care in California, is to wear sunscreen. Anyone who truly cares about their skin cannot forget to wear sunscreen. Free radicals from exposure to sunlight are known to cause damage to your skin that can contribute to premature aging, and this doesn’t even cover the highly visible damage a bad sunburn can do to your skin. Sunscreen is absolutely vital to your skin’s health no matter where you are in the world. This rule only increases in importance as the amount of sun an area gets increases. Make sure you’re using at least an SPF 30 version of sunscreen that offers “Broad Spectrum” protection. These are the ones that actually help protect your skin from sun damage.

Woman moisturizing her skin

Proper moisturizing should come as no surprise to anyone with a good skin care routine. While not all of California is known for being hot and dry, many of the most popular places are and that takes a specific toll on the skin. OROGOLD recommends that anyone visiting the warmer areas of California be sure to use moisturizer regularly and to consider using slightly more than usual. Contact with a different climate can leave you needing to figure out the right amount of moisturizer to use in it, but when going somewhere drier it is always best to add more and work from there as part of your testing. If you have dry skin, then this is even more important to you as letting your skin dry out too much will prompt your skin to produce more oils to keep your skin moisturized and could lead to breakouts.

Woman drinking water.

Stay Hydrated in General
We like to emphasize that skin care is part of whole body care, and this remains true. Because the most recognizable locations in California are hot and dry, you need to focus on ensuring you drink enough water each day. Topical moisturizers and other products are good, but they can’t get moisture everywhere that it needs to be. For days you’ll be outside a lot, drinking only water the evening before and the whole day you’re out is a good suggestion. You don’t need to ritualistically drink eight glasses of water, but drinking water instead of other drinks should be enough as long as you’re eating well. You do get water from your food too, after all. This proper hydration will let your skin be a bit more resilient, both inside and out, during long stays in the sun.

Taking care of your skin in California and similar climates is very much about maintaining enough water in your body and moisture in your skin. Your usual routine will still be good for your skin, but you need to adjust it with the climate in mind. OROGOLD suggests that you use any planning time before a trip to California to find slightly stronger moisturizers and to make sure your sunscreen hasn’t expired. Once you’ve done those, simply be ready for your time in the sun.