Diet connects to almost everything in your body and that includes your skin. This makes ensuring eating a healthy diet particularly important to anyone trying to improve the results of their overall skin car. A few questions have been raised on whether any of the detox juices floating around the market are any good for clearing skin in addition to improving health. The obvious answer is yes, but OROGOLD would like to highlight it is slightly more complicated than a simple “yes” or “no” answer. As with everything related to your body’s health, the answer requires considering a variety of factors.

Detox juice

Detox Juices
Most detox juices are marketed under the idea that they will help purge your body of the poisons of modern life. This is actually a somewhat dubious claim that isn’t always backed up by the research. Keep an eye upon for detox juices also telling you to change other aspects of your diet. When the product is telling you to exercise more, cut harmful things from your diet, and drink their product all they’re actually doing is telling you what we’ve told you before: cutting out harmful foods and drinks combined with a healthy diet will improve your overall health. So the main claim of many of these juices is something to approach with a little skepticism.

Now even if you’re looking at the juices in a new light, that doesn’t fully answer the question. Yes, improving your health will necessarily improve your skin. You can get a lot more out of selecting a juice though if you look for particular ingredients. Fruits and vegetables that are rich in vitamin A, vitamin C, and antioxidants are particularly good for your skin. Each element boosts particular aspects of skin health in addition to offering a myriad of other benefits to your body. These are many of the same kinds of natural ingredients to look for when you’re trying to find a new skin care product. OROGOLD advises patience with this approach as the effects of the ingredients are necessarily going to be more subtle and take more time than a topical application, but you will still benefit.


Not Lies
Now despite our statements, detox juices are not really lying to you so much as they’re skipping over the complex nature of the body itself. A well-composed detox juice is necessarily quite healthy for your body and combines many ingredients that should be in a healthy diet already. Juices rich in dark, leafy greens and citrus components are among the most likely to benefit your skin overall. These particular groups of food are known for their skin clearing and fortifying effects in other forms. Your body will always need the right nutrients to heal anything and you should never forget that. Similarly, the advice these juices have about changing your diet is good advice. Fewer processed foods and less alcohol serve to improve all aspects of your health.

Anyone looking for a miracle cure for skin issues by endlessly drinking detox juices is going to be disappointed. OROGOLD cannot actually recommend it as the best approach even though much about properly created detox juices is good for you. Focusing on full body wellness is a must for healthy skin, but when you’re trying to achieve results faster it is best to use an appropriately chosen topical product. By all means, do improve your diet, but don’t think improving your diet alone will take the place of proper skin care.