Your primer, foundation and concealer each have their own individual job to do, which is why it is so important that they are applied in the correct order. Without doing so, the results that you achieve will not be as effective, and will also lack that subtle and natural quality that is always desired when using these three products.

After you apply the moisturizer and sunscreen on your face, a primer should be the very first step in your makeup routine. Primer is best known for providing subsequent makeup products with a grip to hold on to, meaning that they last for longer, but it also has other advantages. From sealing the pores to make them less visible to softening your skin with their nourishing qualities, a primer will do wonders for both your skin, as well as your makeup. When it comes to applying a primer, you should begin by focussing on the areas of your face where makeup tends to quickly fade, as well as any oily areas. Once you have covered your face with a thin layer of primer, be sure to leave it alone for a couple of minutes before applying your foundation, giving it a chance to settle into your skin and work its magic.

While some may recommend that concealer is applied before a foundation, this is just a myth, as any concealer that you apply would soon be rubbed away by your foundation. Instead, your foundation is the step that comes after your primer, hiding any flaws and evening out your skin tone. When it comes to applying your foundation, there are a few tips to keep in mind. Firstly, be sure that you are using the best color for your skin tone, as this is usually the most common mistake made with foundation, especially with those who forget that their skin color usually changes with the seasons. If you are unsure about how much base to use, remember that less is more, as you want your skin to still look natural. Begin at the center of your face and work your way outwards, blending it all in evenly as you go along.

Woman applying concealer

While your foundation gives you some coverage all over your face, there are always times when there are certain areas that need some extra attention, whether it be to hide under eye circles or to cover up a pesky blemish. This can help to really brighten up the complexion, giving you a much fresher look. Use your fingers, or a small brush, to lightly dab some concealer over the areas that you want to cover up, blending it in by gently patting it, as rubbing it will only remove it. Remember that concealer is thicker than foundation, so ensure that you start off with a really light layer, as you do not want it to cake up. After your first layer, you can lightly add more if you need more coverage.

If you want to enjoy the most effective results when applying your makeup, it is essential to remember the order in which the products should be applied. Your primer should always come first, followed by your foundation and then your concealer, giving you a beautiful base onto which you can apply further products.