High end beauty products are in high demand like never before. Many women are finally coming to realize that the more expensive a product is, the better the ingredients and the more effective the overall product will be. With many new advances in technology, it can be somewhat intimidating to decide what products are worth splurging on, and what ones won’t really make much difference for your appearance. OROGOLD has compiled a list of our top and favorite high end beauty products that we would like to share with all of you.

OROGOLD's Favorite High End Beauty Items


RMS Beauty Living Luminizer

This illuminating highlighter enhances the skin’s natural glow, without feeling thick, clumpy, or pore clogging. It uses your actual skin as its own enhancer, and gives the skin a perfect glow without looking glittery. This product is a must have in every woman’s makeup box. For an example as to how this product looks on the skin, you can have a look at the J. Crew models on which this product is utilized.


Nars Orgasm Blush

These peachy and pink shades compliment nearly every skin tone with a subtle shimmer and highlight to the cheekbones. These high quality blusher products have been used and trusted by makeup artists everywhere and are available at Sephora stores everywhere.


Diorshow Mascara

Voluminous lashes can now be yours with this exceptional, plush mascara that offers individualized plumped lashes like those seen on the runways. You can build this product on to achieve the last volume you desire, while feeling good about the high quality ingredients found in this product. Also available in a waterproof formula, this mascara offers exceptional coverage due to its special innovative brush. This product has been a favorite for over ten years.


Benefit Cosmetics

Benefit cosmetics as an overall brand supplies a customizable, high quality experience for their customers. From all the cosmetic products you could think of to every skincare product you could want, benefit cosmetics are a great choice for those who demand quality without compromise. Some of their best selling products are their, ‘They’re Real!’ products, which range from mascaras, lip liners, to bronzing powders, and more. We recommend their brightening eye cream to fade dark circles into the abyss of nothing.


OROGOLD understands the desire to purchase high quality luxurious cosmetic and skin care products. Some of the best advice we can offer is to do your research on any product you might be interested in. The internet is a great tool to use in terms of getting and maintaining information on any product you want to purchase, and you can also read unbiased reviews of products from real people like you who have made the purchase of a specific item. If you have a favorite luxury brand or product, tell us about it. We would love to hear your feedback in a comment below.