When it comes to your makeup routine, it is always best to begin with your base, creating a smooth canvas onto which you can then apply products to your eyes and lips. Once this is done, the final stages of your makeup routine should be focussed on adding some color to your lips, before misting your face to set your whole look, ensuring that nothing smudges or fades away.

Color for Your Cheeks
A blush is ideal for giving your face a fresh and radiant glow, but it is a product that many women often struggle with, unsure about the formula to use as well as exactly where they should be applying it.

Choosing a Blush Formula
There are so many different blush formulas out there, making it important to pick the one that will work best with your skin type. Powder blushes are easy to apply and blend, and look the most natural. While powders absorb excess oil from your skin, this is not always an advantage, as this can change the color of the blush, making powders best suited for those with a normal skin type. Women with oily skin will usually be much better suited to gels or stains, as these are water based, while those with dry skin should opt for a cream blush, as these contain humectants that will help to hydrate the skin.

Applying Blush
The reason that there are so many different guides out there on the best way to apply blush to your cheeks is because there is no wrong way. Everybody has a different face shape, meaning that the way in which you apply your blush needs to be adapted to that. Generally speaking, those with square-shaped faces should apply their blush in circular motions on the apples of their cheeks, to soften their appearance, while those with longer faces should add a horizontal swipe of color, as this will have the effect of making the face seem wider. If you have a round face, suck in your cheeks and swipe some blush under your cheekbones, as applying it to the apples of your cheeks will only make your face look rounder, while those with oval-shaped faces should apply blush on top of the cheekbone, as this will give them some added definition.

Setting your Makeup
The final step in any makeup routine should be to use a setting spray, as this will ensure that all of your makeup is kept in place until you want to remove it. There are many different setting sprays out there, so try a few out and choose one that works best with your skin. The spray should sit lightly on your skin, without making it feel greasy or oily, and, if possible, should be alcohol-free.

If you are taking the time and effort to apply makeup to your face, then it only makes sense to apply it in the correct order. Even if you do not use all of the products mentioned, sticking to the order of this routine will guarantee that your makeup will always look its best.