It is always fun to experiment with different hair and makeup styles, but, these days, many people do not have the time to regularly stop by makeup counters for a lengthy makeover, which is why virtual makeovers have become increasingly popular. These websites and apps allow users to upload a photo, after which they can choose from a range of different hair and makeup styles, enabling them to experience hundreds of different virtual makeovers in just a few minutes.

Daily Makeover
The Daily Makeover website,, allows users to upload their first photo for free, so that they can try out the site before deciding whether they want to pay to upload subsequent photos. On this site, users can experiment with thousands of different hair, makeup and accessory choices, and there are plenty of added extras that are always fun to try out, from trying on different styles of eyeglass frames to seeing what your smile would look like if your teeth were professionally whitened. This site is especially popular because of the number of different options that it offers, giving users the opportunity to try out just about every look that they could possibly imagine.

ModiFace App
The ModiFace App not only gives users the opportunity to experiment with different celebrity hair and makeup styles, whether it be Beyonce or Sarah Hyland, but it also allows users to create their very own styles themselves. If you choose to do the latter, you will no doubt learn something along the way that will help you when applying your own makeup each day, whether this may be finding a shade of foundation that particularly complements your skin tone or learning how to use different colors to contour your face.

CyberLink YouCam Makeup App
While some virtual makeover websites and apps tend to over-exaggerate the makeup styles that are applied to a user’s photograph, CyberLink YouCam Makeup does no such thing, providing results that you would actually wear in real life. Rather than basing their makeup looks on celebrities, this app shows you different makeup looks for various occasions. Whether you want to know what makeup to wear to a 40’s rock concert or out on a romantic date, this app will have you covered.

Look Good, Feel Better places a heavy emphasis on eyebrows and hair, and is a great virtual makeover site to visit if you want to try out different eyebrow shapes and colors. When it comes to hair styles, users can first take a short quiz, answering questions about their face shape, so that the website will be able to match users up with the styles that best suit them.

Virtual makeovers give you the chance to try out styles, colors and techniques that you may have otherwise never dared to try in real life. These sites and apps can prove to be extremely useful, as you are likely to discover a style that beautifully complements your face, providing you with a great starting point for a makeover in real life.