The eyes are the focal point of the face, with larger eyes and longer lashes resulting in an appearance that looks much fresher and more youthful. Research has shown that for around 50% of women, mascara is their go-to product, and while this may be a great temporary option, it can be frustrating having to re-apply your mascara multiple times each and every day. Fortunately, there are now other options out there for those who want to create fuller, longer lashes that are more permanent, from eyelash enhancement serums to mineral pigments applied between your eyelashes.

Mineral Pigments
One popular method of eyelash enhancement makes use of mineral pigments to make the eyelashes appear much fuller. The microscopic dots of semi-permanent pigment are applied in between each eyelash, mimicking the appearance of many more eyelashes, and making the entire row seem much thicker. There are many different shades of pigment to choose from, and these can also be blended to create a custom shade that perfectly matches your own.

Eyelash Enhancement Serums
Eyelash enhancement serums work in two main ways. Firstly, they are able to prolong the cycle of hair growth, meaning that existing lashes will not fall out as quickly. They also contain ingredients that help to strengthen the lashes, such as certain vitamins and humectants, and this helps the individual eyelashes to naturally become thicker and fuller. While eyelash enhancement serums are commonly available at drug stores, the most effective products can only be purchased via a prescription, so it is best to speak to a cosmetic surgeon if this is the method you want to use. Depending on the strength of the product you use, results can usually be seen within two months, with lashes becoming 20% longer and 80% thicker.

Eyelash extensions

Eyelash Extensions
Eyelash extensions involve adding a synthetic individual eyelash to each of your natural eyelashes and is a procedure that has become extremely popular. The synthetic eyelashes are available in multiple different curls, lengths, and thickness, so you can really customize what the final outcome will be. Eyelash extensions are most often semi-permanent, with their time frame depending on your own natural hair growth cycle. This is usually somewhere between eight and twelve weeks, although any initial gaps can often be covered up with a touch of mascara. In order to keep your lashes looking constantly at their best, maintenance sessions are usually recommended every three weeks.

Once you have put the effort into having your eyelashes enhanced, you need to keep on top of maintaining them, ensuring that the results last for as long as possible. While the results from eyelash enhancement serums may not need more maintenance other than regular use of serum, the same cannot be said for eyelash extensions, which usually need much more care, such as daily brushing and extra attention when removing any makeup. Whichever method you decide to opt for, enhancing your eyelashes can dramatically chance the appearance of your face, making your eyes look much more defined and infinitely more alluring.