Whether battling excess oil is the norm for you, or you tend to just suffer from it during the warmer weather, oily skin during the summer is nothing but frustrating. Hot and humid weather can often increase the skin’s oil production, meaning that the oil-controlling methods that you used in the winter are likely to not be as effective during these warmer months. Fortunately, there are several ways in which you can tackle skin that is too oily, from using the right sunscreen to exfoliating with the correct products, helping you to achieve a clear and bright summer complexion.

Oil-Absorbing Sunscreen
Sunscreen can actually help to manage oil and the level of shine on your face, especially if you opt for a mineral-based formula that contains oil-absorbing ingredients, such as titanium dioxide or micronized zinc. Sunscreens that contain denatured alcohol are also great at giving the skin more of a matte appearance, but be sure to use enough to bring about these benefits.

Minimal Makeup
The heat of the summer causes makeup, especially foundation, to melt into pores and clog them, therefore encouraging them to produce even more oil. Rather than piling on the foundation, opt for a tinted moisturizer or a BB cream, for light coverage that will not interfere with your skin. If you do still want to use a foundation, look for a mineral powder, as this will help to absorb any oil.

Woman cleansing face

A Gentle Cleanser
You may think that you need a harsher cleanser during the summer in order to properly clear your skin of the excess oil and sweat, but this is far from the truth. Harsh cleansers strip the skin of its natural barrier, and, in order to compensate for this, your skin will then begin to produce even more oil, making a gentle cleanser absolutely vital.

Water-Based Moisturizer
Many people believe that moisturizing oily skin will only increase the level of shine, but this completely depends on the moisturizer that you use. While oil-based moisturizers will definitely do this, water-based moisturizers will not, and will instead keep your skin well-hydrated. Since water-based moisturizers are much lighter than oil-based formulas, they will also be absorbed into your skin much quicker, leaving less of a residue.

Oil-Blotting Sheets
Even if your skin looks and feels absolutely perfect in the morning, those that suffer from oily skin will usually need to touch up their makeup by midday, as the skin will have already produced more oil by then. Rather than slathering on more makeup to hide the shine, use a couple of oil-blotting sheets first. This will remove any excess oil from your face, and, if you then decide to apply some makeup on top, it will prevent pimples from forming beneath.

Oily skin can be extremely frustrating to deal with throughout the year, but it becomes even more challenging during the summer. However, by knowing exactly which products to use to counter the oil, you will be able to enjoy a healthy and shine-free complexion throughout the season.