With the warmer weather quickly approaching, it is time to start thinking about adjusting your skin care routine by incorporating suitable products and techniques that will ensure that your skin is swimsuit ready. From fighting any pesky body acne to giving your skin a hint of color, these tips and tricks will soon have you ready for swimsuit season.


Hair Removal
Hair removal techniques come in so many different shapes and forms, from laser treatments to the humble razor blade. Each method has its own set of advantages and disadvantages, so it is important to research them all in order to choose the technique that works best for your skin. If you are looking to try a new hair removal method, then this is a great time to test a few of them out, so that by the time you need to wear that swimsuit, you will have a tried and tested method that guarantees smooth, hair-free skin.

Gradual Self-Tanner
Many people feel much more confident in their swimsuits when they already have a bit of color on their skin, and a gradual self-tanner is the best way to do this. Rather than giving you an instant bronzed glow, a gradual self-tanner needs to be applied on a daily basis, so that the color can slowly build up on your skin and give you a natural and healthy looking tan. When using a product such as this, try to apply it onto damp skin, and only after the skin has been thoroughly cleansed, as this will help the skin to absorb even more of the formula.

Woman exfoliating skin

While many regularly exfoliate their face, the arms, legs and body is usually forgotten about, but this is essential if you want your skin to be swimsuit ready, as it will clear away any dull or rough patches and reveal the fresh glowing skin beneath. Whether you opt for a body scrub or for a chemical peel, remember that you need to moisturize once you are done exfoliating, as the fresh layers of skin need the nourishment and protection.

The sun damages your skin, so it is absolutely essential to always apply a sunscreen whenever you are outdoors. Dry or burned skin is never a good look in a swimsuit, so opt for a high SPF sunscreen that also contains hydrating and moisturizing properties.

Woman with acne issues

Fight Body Acne
Body acne is actually quite different from face acne, meaning that the products that you use on your face will not be very effective at fighting acne on the body. A targeted body wash is best, especially one that contains salicylic acid. Once you start to use this every day, it will not be long before you notice a drastic reduction in your body acne, as the salicylic acid helps to unclog pores and reduce inflammation.

It does not need to take long to get your skin back in shape for swimsuit season. By identifying specific issues that you may have, and then looking for the best products and methods to target them, your skin will soon have a beautiful radiating glow that you will be proud to show off in a swimsuit.