It is all too easy for a medicine cabinet to become extremely cluttered, packed with an array of products that you never actually use. To keep life organized, it is always a good idea to have a regular clean out of your bathroom cabinet, but be sure to still give these essential items a front-row spot.

Facial Scrub
While you may already use a cleanser on your face every day, this will not thoroughly clear out your pores, which is where exfoliation comes in. However, if you usually tend to use a scrub that contains exfoliants such as apricots, these will actually cause damage to your skin, as these abrasives are far too harsh, and will not only cause redness and irritation in the long run, but will also make your pores appear larger. The best exfoliants are gentle ingredients such as sugar and oatmeal, as these will slough off any dead skin cells and dirt, but dissolve soon after making contact with your skin.

A moisturizer is a product that you should be using each and every day, meaning that it should always be within easy reach to make your routine more convenient. Depending on how dedicated you are to your skin care regime, you may find it useful to have more than one moisturizer. A lighter cream with added SPF is ideal for the daytime, while a richer moisturizer that is packed with antioxidants and healing ingredients will work wonders on your skin overnight.

Not only are the UV rays from the sun responsible for up to 80% of all facial wrinkles, but they also cause so much other damage, and can lead to everything from diabetes to cancer. A sunscreen is essential when it comes to preventing this, and should be used every day, no matter what the weather may be outside, as UV rays are capable of penetrating through even the thickest cloud.

Facial Masks
While you are unlikely to use a facial mask every day, these still deserve a place in your bathroom cabinet, as they provide your skin with an intense deep cleaning that no other product can compete with. Facial masks are available to target a wide range of different skin issues, from dehydration to oiliness to wrinkles, so either pick a formula and invest in a few masks of that type, or cover your bases and purchase multiple types of masks.

Eye Cream
The skin around the eyes is far more sensitive than the skin on the rest of your face, and since there are also no oil glands here to keep skin moisturized, this area is usually the first to display visible signs of aging. Other lifestyle factors, from drinking to smoking to sleep deprivation, will only contribute to this, making an eye cream extremely important.

Depending on your skincare regime, there may be a few other products that are essentials, but, other than that, it is always a good idea to keep your bathroom cabinet as clutter-free as possible. Not only will this make it much more convenient to reach for the products that you need each day, but it will also make it easier for you to tell when products need replacing, either due to running out or their shelf life.