In the realm of psychotherapy, taking care of your inner youthful spirit, which each and every person in the world has, is extremely important, and vital for those who want to be a well-adjusted and successful adult. For those who have never really given this much thought, these are some tips on how you can go about nurturing your inner child.

Treat Yourself
Treating yourself on a regular basis can go a long way in nurturing your inner child, no matter what treat you may choose. Whether it happens to be spending the day at a luxury spa, or cooking yourself a special meal, spend some time spoiling yourself and relaxing.

New Life
Your inner youthful spirit is the purest and most gentle part of you, and a great way to nurture this is by spending some time around new life. This could be in the form of plants or animals, from puppies to kittens to chicks, all of which will revitalize that youthful spark within you.

Woman jumping in puddle
Child-Like Activities
There are so many fun games that children play, but these are often forgotten once adulthood is reached. From splashing in puddles to finding shapes in the clouds to watching a cartoon to painting with your hands to visiting an amusement park, all of these activities will take you back to a happy, child-like state.

Stifle That Critical Voice
One of the main obstacles that people face when trying to embrace their inner youthful spirit is the voice inside that criticizes the emotions that they may be feeling. Whether this voice is telling you that you are too old to engage in child-like activities, or that your insecurities about a certain topic are invalid, try your best to stifle this, and respond to your emotions and fears in a calm and rational way.

woman playing with child
Even if you had the very best childhood that you can imagine, it is unlikely that you grew out of it completely unscathed, and re-parenting is a tactic that will really help to nurture your inner youthful spirit. Spend some time working out what you may have missed out on as a child, whether this may be big birthday parties or the feeling of pride from your parents, and then take the steps necessary to give these to yourself.

Re-evaluate Toxic Relationships
Toxic relationships and situations are never good for anyone, and this will only stifle your inner youthful spirit. Make sure that your friends and your family members are always treating you well, and, if they are not, then set some boundaries to make them aware of this. Your inner child needs an advocate, so be sure to speak up when it comes to your needs.

Your inner youthful spirit is extremely vulnerable and innocent, and you need to make a conscious effort to nurture, protect and care for it. From encouraging yourself to engage in fun, child-like activities, to giving your adult self parts of your childhood that you may have missed out on, these tips will help you to reawaken that innocent joy that lies deep inside of you.