Some women never seem to age, leaving everyone else to wonder exactly how they have managed this. From Demi Moore’s radiant glow to the constantly dewy complexion of Jennifer Lopez, here are the skin care secrets behind some of the world’s most stunning ageless beauties.

Don’t Skip the Basics
Jennifer Lopez is a star that has had to wear some heavy makeup in her career. For this reason, Lopez completely understands the importance of a great cleanser. Making sure to only use those containing the highest quality ingredients, so that they can be as effective as possible, Lopez also opts for cleansers that are mild and gentle, so as not to cause any sort of reaction with her skin.

Healthy Living
In addition to having flawless skin, fashion designer Donna Karan always emits a youthful aura, and this is largely due to the way in which she lives her life as healthily as possible. Not only does Karan ensure that she practices yoga and meditation on a daily basis, rounding this up with a fresh green juice, but she also packs her diet with plenty of nutrition from raw foods, such as salads. Rather than opting for sugar-filled processed treats, Karan prefers raw cookies, such as ones made with dates, nuts and sesame seeds, all of which do tremendous good for the body.

Demi Moore

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Gentle Moisturizing Products
While there may be plenty of makeup worn in the many perfectly-styled photos of Demi Moore out there, this smooth-skinned diva has fresh and dewy skin off-camera too. Her secret to this is to never forget the importance of moisturizing, as keeping your skin well-nourished and protected will do wonders for it in the long-term. Moore also makes sure to choose fragrance-free moisturizers, as those that contain fragrances can often irritate the skin, while providing her skin with regular doses of intense moisture through the use of hydrating facial masks.

Regular Microdermabrasion and Facials
Padma Lakshmi is now in her 40’s, but looks at least a decade younger. Her secret to this ageless glow is regular dermabrasion and facial treatments, as this always leaves skin looking smooth and dewy. While Lakshmi tends to visit her favorite facialist in New York, these types of treatments can be found all over the world, and are a great way to treat your skin to some extra care.

Good Skin Care Habits
Supermodel Cindy Crawford is constantly being asked about her skin care secrets, but, according to this flawless beauty, her only secret is to develop good skin care habits, and stick to them throughout your life. From daily sunscreen to nightly cleansers, eye creams, serums and night creams, Crawford believes that her healthy glow is a cumulative result of years of good skin care habits.

While each ageless beauty may have their own individual arsenal of skin care secrets, there is still plenty to be learned from them. From the healthy living tips shared by Donna Karan to the emphasis that Jennifer Lopez places on the basics, these are all secrets that can easily be incorporated into your own daily life.