There has been quite the obsession with face wipes in recent years, and for good reason too. While face wipes may be lightweight and easy to use, especially when traveling or in a hurry, it is important that, if you do decide to use face wipes, you also take into consideration the environmental impact that they can have.

Different Types of Face Wipes
There are a number of different types of face wipes available, but the two that are most commonly seen are cleansing wipes, and makeup removal wipes and each of these have unique ingredients that help with their specific purpose. Cleansing wipes will usually contain a gentle cleanser that can reach into your pores, whereas makeup removal wipes are likely to have more potent ingredients, so that you can remove your makeup without having to scrub and pull at your skin.

Whether you opt for makeup removal wipes or cleansing wipes, there is no denying how convenient face wipes are when it comes to getting the job done. They usually contain a variety of different ingredients, not only cleaning your skin but also hydrating it, and giving it some vitamins and antioxidants to help it function at its full potential. When traveling, face wipes are a great alternative to a cleanser, and can even be used on a plane. However, the problem with some face wipes is that they simply push the dirt around your face rather than removing it, and if you think that this might be happening to you, it is important to rinse your face after using the wipes.

Face wipes are able to instantly refresh your face, which can be really useful in certain situations. Not only is this handy when traveling, but it is also a good idea to carry some face wipes with you when in a hot country, as this way you can cleanse your face of excess sweat before it begins to cause skin problems.

One common problem with many skin care products is the way in which they are packaged. Each time you put your finger into a tub of cream, you are contaminating it with germs. Face wipes do away with this issue, as they enable you to touch your face without having to worry about bacteria.

Environmental Impact
While face wipes are definitely convenient, the major downside to the majority of brands out there is that they are not biodegradable. However, there are biodegradable options available, meaning that you can simply throw them into the toilet once you are done, rather than binning them and adding to the already overflowing landfills out there.

Face wipes play beautifully into the average busy modern lifestyle, as they are so quick and convenient to use, while also being extremely effective. However, considering their environmental impact is also important, as this is a time when humans need to be reducing the amount of waste that they produce, so be sure to keep this in mind the next time you happen to be shopping for a new pack of face wipes.