Face masks have become quite the skin care staple, and chances are that you’ve tried a good variety of them. From intriguing Korean imports to local brands adopting similar techniques, face masks have brought nothing but benefits to our skin. Korea has always been at the forefront of the skin care industry, and one of their latest products seems set to take off in the same way that traditional face masks have. OROGOLD takes a look at splash masks, from what they are to how to use them, to the skin improvements that you can expect.

Woman splashing water on her face.

Where Do Splash Masks Come From?
Splash masks originated in Korea, a country that is known for their skin care know-how that gets passed down through the generations. One Korean skin care tradition involves women splashing their faces with a rice or flour infused water straight after cleansing. This may seem slightly unusual, but it is an effective step to their skin care routine, providing instantly visible results.

What are Splash Masks and How Do They Work?
Splash masks are usually purchased in small bottles that look almost like toner and smell like fresh fruit. Splash masks work in a similar way to the Korean tradition that OROGOLD just mentioned. To begin with, fill your sink basin about a quarter full with water, adding a cap-full of the mask into it and mixing well. To use the mask, splash this water onto your face, in the same way that you would if you were washing it, for about fifteen seconds. Once you have finished, use your hands to pat your face dry. The product itself is quite potent, which is why the splashing motion with water is necessary.

What are the Benefits of Splash Masks?
The splashing action that you make with the water and mask, as well as the patting with your hands at the end, helps the product to absorb into your skin at a much quicker rate, meaning that you can expect instant results where your skin will look smoother and noticeably more radiant. It is also much quicker and more convenient to use than regular face masks, as you don’t need to spend twenty minutes applying it, waiting for it to dry and then rinsing it off. This means that no matter how busy you are, you are likely to be able to spare a minute to use a splash mask.

OROGOLD loves hearing about new Korean skin care products, and splash masks are one that we are very excited about. For those of you who want to give it a try, here is an OROGOLD tip for some extra indulgence: add a few cap-fulls of the mask to your bath, replicating the splashing motion and allowing your whole body to enjoy the mask’s benefits. As with any product, splash masks can vary in quality, so OROGOLD always advises that you check the ingredient labels to make sure that you are aware of everything that the specific mask you are about to use contains.