World Peace Day, otherwise known as the International Day of Peace, was established in 1997, and is celebrated each year on the 17th of November. Needless to say, this past week has not been at all peaceful, with global conflicts escalating and many countries on high alert. However, we at OROGOLD believe that this only makes World Peace Day even more important, especially as a symbol of something that we all need to strive for, so read on to find out about how you can celebrate this day in your own way.

World Peace Day

Origami Cranes
One victim of the Hiroshima atomic bombings was a 12-year-old girl, whose story inspired thousands around the world. Her memory resulted in the humble origami crane being transformed into a global symbol for peace and hope. To celebrate World Peace Day, people all over the world make as many origami cranes as they possibly can, before mailing them to world leaders to ask for peace around the world. In order to be environmentally friendly, OROGOLD advises making the cranes out of junk mail and other pieces of paper that would have otherwise been discarded. There are many guides online on how to make origami cranes, with the process taking about five minutes if you are familiar with origami, or up to half an hour if this is your first time.

Send Flowers
For a long time now, flowers have been a symbol of peace, and a great way to raise awareness of World Peace Day is by sending flowers to your loved ones. Lilies are a flower that symbolize rebirth and renewal, exuding a naturally peaceful energy, as are white roses, while a blooming green plant is something that will last for a long time. Plants, in general, are all able to create a truly peaceful environment, so another great way to celebrate World Peace Day is to bring your local community together and begin working on a shared garden.

“Books Not Bullets”
This powerful quote, “books not bullets”, comes from Nobel Prize winner Malala Yousafzai, who has touched the hearts of thousands around the world with her inspiring memoir, ‘I am Malala: The Girl Who Stood up for Education and was Shot by the Taliban’. Whether you hold a Malala-inspired read-a-thon in your local community to raise money for a peaceful cause, or start a book club that advocates for books promoting peace, don’t forget that books have the power to change lives for the better, so let yourself be inspired by this amazing individual and make books the focus of your World Peace Day.

It is important to recognize and understand that regional, or even global, peace can’t be had until people begin to change on an individual level. While these gestures may not seem like much in light of everything that has occurred recently, they are a way to bring about a sense of peace, even if just a small one, and this is something that everybody will appreciate.