Arizona has an extremely dry climate, which can make taking good care of your skin quite tricky. Luckily, OROGOLD is here with our useful Arizona Skin Survival Guide, ensuring that you get through these cold and dry months with smooth and hydrated skin.

Woman applying moisturizer

Layer Your Products
Just like with your winter clothing, it is important to layer your skin care products if you are in a dry winter climate. For your face, OROGOLD would advise applying a thicker serum than usual under your moisturizer, while a good body oil under your body lotion will help to keep the rest of your skin hydrated.

Woman washing face

Avoid Cleansers Containing Deodorants or Detergents
Deodorants and detergents are extremely drying to the skin, so you should most definitely be avoiding cleansers that contain these. OROGOLD would also advise that you stay away from cleansers that contain artificial fragrances, colors and other chemicals. Instead, opt for a cleansing balm, which will not strip your skin of the essential oils that it needs to stay protected. Honey is also a great ingredient to cleanse with, as it is a humectant, meaning that it draws water from the air into your skin. Other ingredients to look for in cleansers for Arizona’s climate include olive oil, coconut oil, shea butter and oatmeal.

Woman spraying water on face.

Use a Face Mister
Creating your own hydrating face mist in a spray bottle is easy to do. Rose water is fantastic for this, as it brings a whole host of benefits to the skin in addition to hydrating it. However, OROGOLD reminds you that when water evaporates from your skin, this causes quite a bit of moisture to be lost, so it is crucial that you immediately apply some moisturizer after spritzing your face, ensuring that all of the extra moisture is locked in.

Green salad.

Hydrate from the Inside
While you may be focussing on hydrating skin care products, OROGOLD reminds you that you should also be hydrating from the inside, by drinking at least a quart of water each day. There are also certain foods that can hydrate your skin, including leafy greens, carrots, pumpkin, sweet potatoes and almonds, so it is important to incorporate as many of these into your diet as possible.


Don’t Forget About Sunscreen
Arizona is a state that receives some of the most sunlight in the US, and, even during the winter months, it is hugely important to keep your skin protected with sunscreen. The damaging rays from the sun can easily penetrate through the clouds, so sunscreen is necessary even on gray winter days. While some skin care products may contain SPF, OROGOLD would advise that you use an additional sunscreen as well, as most SPF moisturizers do not provide sufficient protection.

It can be tricky to look after your skin in Arizona’s climate, but it only takes a few small adjustments to your skin care routine. From paying close attention to the ingredients that you use, to ensuring that your skin is hydrated from the inside as well as the outside, these tips will keep your skin healthy and clear throughout the winter.