Woman applying a serum on her skin.

Also known as retinol, with its synthetic derivatives known as retinoids, vitamin A is essential for many necessary functions within the human body. The importance of vitamin A was first discovered in the early 20th Century, and, since then, many studies have been carried out to further examine the role that vitamin A plays when it comes to anti-aging. OROGOLD takes a look at whether vitamin A really is the clock reversing miracle that many claim it to be.

Reverses Photoaging
Photoaging is the premature aging of the skin when it has been exposed to damaging UV rays, resulting in wrinkles, fine lines and discolored skin. In addition to protecting skin from photoaging, vitamin A has the ability to actually reverse the damage that this causes. One of the most extensively studied retinoids is tretinoin, and has been proven to reduce the visible signs of aging in just 3 months with regular applications. Of course, OROGOLD reminds you that the time that it takes for you to notice a difference depends on the dosage that you use. Vitamin A products are available in a variety of strengths, with the strongest, and most effective, ones requiring a prescription.

Effective Cell Communicating Ingredient
Cell communicating ingredients are able to instruct skin cells to look and act in the same way that a normal, healthy skin cell would. They are also able to block any damaging substances from telling the cells to behave in a way that is abnormal. Vitamin A has been shown to be an extremely effective cell communicating ingredient, and, once the cells accept that they need to behave in the way that the vitamin A is telling them to behave, this same healthy message is passed on to nearby cells, where the process starts anew.

Vitamin A Skin Care Products
With so many vitamin A products out there, each one boasting its own secret formula of ingredients and making use different derivatives of the vitamin, it can be difficult to know which one to opt for. If using a vitamin A product is new to you, OROGOLD recommends starting off with one of the lowest doses possible, and slowly building this up while you see how well your skin is able to tolerate this. This is because vitamin A products are usually quite drying, and can cause skin irritation, especially for those with sensitive skin. For this reason, OROGOLD recommends using your first vitamin A product during the summer months, as the extra humidity in the air will help to prevent your skin from drying out too much. For an effective vitamin A product, take a look at our OROGOLD skin care lines, as we have quite a few products, from weekly facial masks to daytime moisturizers to nightly eye creams, that contain this clock-reversing miracle.

Vitamin A is one of the only ingredients that has gone through decades of research to show that it is extremely effective at reversing the signs of aging. However, if your vitamin A product is causing you any irritation at all, OROGOLD recommends ceasing the use of it immediately and looking for a lower dosage.