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OROGOLD Cosmetics strives to offer its customers unique solutions that help them deal with anti-aging and various skin issues at the same time. In this article, OROGOLD reviews the best ways to take years off your skin. OROGOLD offers you a simple guide that can help you understand how to deal with the signs of aging as well as cut off years from your looks. Following this scientifically proven guide can help you look even better tomorrow than you look today.


The Secrets behind Proper Skin Care

When it comes to skin care products and collections, the only thing that matters is the product formulation. There are a number of skin care ingredients that can work wonders for your skin and help you look more youthful. OROGOLD examines the best ingredients for your anti-aging skin care.

  • Retinol – Retinol, a derivative of Vitamin A, is one of the best anti-aging ingredients in the world. With hundreds of proven studies to its name, this ingredient can actually help you to increase the production of collagen, unclog your pores and boost your cell turnover. This helps you to plump up the skin, smooth the complexion and reduce breakouts at the same time. Vitamin A is usually listed as Retinol or tretinoin in your skin care products and you need to give it at least 12 weeks to notice significant differences in the way you look. For best results, add retinols slowly into your skin care routines. Start off by applying it every third day and switch to every other day after a period of 2 weeks.
  • Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs) – Alpha Hydroxy Acids, also known as AHAs, are usually derived from milk sugars or fruits. AHAs help in dissolving the glue from the outermost layer of your skin, which allows your dead skin cells to get sloughed off. Using AHAs can help you enjoy a smoother appearance, minimize your discoloration and reduce the size of your pores. Look for ingredients like lactic acid, citric acid, malic acid or glycolic acid on the ingredient lists.
  • Hyaluronic Acid – Hyluronic Acid is basically a synthetic version of the natural joint-lubricating substance found in the human body. Hyaluronic acid has been termed as effective humectants and it not only makes your skin feel better, it also offers it with a temporary plumping effect. Hyaluronic acid is usually listed as sodium hyaluronate, hyaluronic acid or hyaluronan in the ingredient lists.
  • Antioxidants – Antioxidants help your skin to protect itself from the damage caused by the free radicals and by the harmful UV rays of the sun. There are all sorts of antioxidants that can work wonders for your skin, but ingredients like Vitamin C and Vitamin E are most effective. For best results, you should use skin care products that offer a mix of antioxidants that tackle free radicals in different ways.
  • Sunscreens – Almost 90% of your wrinkles and dark spots can be attributed sun damage. Therefore, it becomes essential to use broad spectrum sunscreens which offer you with SPF 30 protection every single day of the year. You also need to re-apply these sunscreens once in every 2 hours of exposure. For best results, apply the sunscreens about 10 minutes before you leave your house in the morning and re-apply it once every 2 hours. It also helps to look out for ingredients like zinc oxide or titanium dioxide (physical sunscreens) and avobenzone or oxybenzone (chemical sunscreens).


Decoding Your Ingredient Lists

Apart from learning what to use, you also need to learn how to read those ingredient lists. Usually, the ingredients which are present in the highest concentrations are listed at the top of an ingredient list. So, if you’re looking for specific ingredients like retinol, they should always be listed towards the top of the ingredient list. On the other hand, ingredients that are present in very small amounts are listed towards the bottom of the ingredient list. These ingredients usually contain add ons such as fancy botanicals and fragrances.


Anti-Aging Eye Tricks

You can actually use makeup to great advantage. Primers are essential when it comes to makeup. It helps you to enjoy a seamless look and fill out those fine lines and wrinkles so that your concealers and foundations don’t end up creasing by the end of the day.


Following a Proper Cleansing Routine

Regular cleansing is extremely important. You need to cleanse your skin twice every day – once in the morning and once at night. Cleansing not only helps you get rid of the dirt and grime that gets stuck onto your skin, it also helps you to remove makeup residue which can irritate your skin and trigger breakouts.


Managing Stress Effectively

Finally, you need to ensure that you manage your stress levels effectively if you’re looking to prevent the appearance of the signs of aging. They’re not called frown lines for nothing. Research has shown that emotional upheavals can actually make you look much older than you actually are. This usually happens because stress releases a hormone known as cortisol. Cortisol is responsible for breaking down your collagen and causing inflammation. To counteract stress, eat food items that are rich in antioxidants and follow a definite skin care routine that suits your skin type and skin issues.


Update your Skincare Routine Regularly

Following a single skin care routine from your early twenties to your late forties isn’t going to help either. Your skin type and skin issues can change with the passing seasons and therefore, it becomes essential to follow a skin care routine that suits your skin issues and your skin type.