Everyone wants to have beautiful feet, especially when romance is on the cards! However, your feet deal with a large amount of day-to-day damage, resulting in rough skin, callouses and other common problems. Luckily, there are a few steps that you can take to keep your feet looking pretty all day long, no matter how high your heels may be!

Woman soaking her feet in water.

Regular Foot Soaks
A foot soak is a basic foot care technique that will help to keep your feet looking and feeling soft and smooth. A ten-minute soak in some plain water is all that is needed, although you can also add some Epsom salts, dried flowers and olive or essential oils too.

The feet are often an area that get forgotten about during exfoliation, but it is just as necessary to exfoliate your feet as it is the rest of your body. This will help to remove rough patches and clear away the layer of dried skin that builds up, leaving your feet looking soft and flawless. A foot scrub is effective at exfoliating, and so is a pumice stone, although this works best when used on damp feet, making them ideal for use after a foot soak.

Woman wearing sandals.

Wear Shoes That Properly Fit
Yes, it may be tempting to squeeze your feet into those super-cute heels, especially if it is just for one night here and there, but shoes that do not fit correctly will quickly wear your feet down. You should also be careful when wearing a new pair of shoes, as these can take a while to break in, so slowly build up the amount that you wear them to avoid any painful and unsightly blisters. If you know that blisters are going to be unavoidable, a few band-aids in select spots will help to keep them at bay for longer.

Let Your Feet Breathe
Each day, sweat and dirt builds up on your feet, even if you do wear the most breathable cotton socks available! This can suffocate your feet, so to help them breathe, it is essential that you take off your shoes and socks once you get home. If it is too cold to do that where you are, then wash and moisturize your feet before putting on a fresh pair of socks or slippers, as this will help to lock in the moisture as well.

Woman enjoying a pedicure

A Pretty Pedicure
A pedicure is a great way to treat your feet, and they will be left looking pretty and feminine afterwards. A good pedicure should always incorporate elements of massage, as this will give you the added benefits of improved circulation and pain relief. Whether you visit a salon or do it yourself at home, a pedicure will ensure that your feet look flawless in whichever shoes you choose to wear.

Foot care is often an afterthought, but this really should not be the case. These tips may seem simple, but following them will ensure that your feet are the prettiest that they can be.