The Glow of Love, sung by Luther Vandross, was originally released in 1980, and describes the exciting sparkle that arises when on a date with someone new. While the twinkling glow of love and the initial rush of passion may often turn into a feeling of comfort as a relationship progresses, there are plenty of ways to recreate this, no matter how many years the two of you may have spent together.

Couple dancing

New Thrills
Luther Vandross sang, “it’s a pleasure when you treasure all that’s new and true and gay”, and there is no denying the excitement of “new” that comes from the early days of a relationship. One of the best ways to recreate this is to seek out new thrills together, looking for activities that can get your heart racing, allowing adrenaline to rush through your body. Studies have shown that the physiological feeling of fear is absolutely identical to the feeling that you get when you have a crush on someone new, so instead of opting for yet another romantic candlelit dinner, try a new thrilling activity, whether it be rock climbing, roller coasters or even a dance class.

Couple playing on the PS

In this day and age, people are much more serious, with many only engaging in activities that have a specific goal or purpose. However, playing is essential in a relationship, as it gives couples a sense of joy while providing an outlet for creative energy. Find a playful activity that you and your partner both enjoy, and make sure to schedule enough time for this each week.

Couple bowling

New Challenges
The novelty of first getting to know someone new is a huge factor in that initial glow of love, but, once it develops into a long-term relationship, a sense of familiarity can develop, making it seem as though you already know everything that there is to know about your partner. The best way to overcome this is by tackling difficult tasks together, as studies have shown that couples who are able to challenge their skills and overcome difficult trials feel much closer, and are much more attracted to each other. Whether you join a bowling team or train together for a big race, challenging your skills as a couple will help to bring the two of you closer together.

Couple kissing.

Skin to Skin Contact
Skin to skin contact releases a hormone called oxytocin, otherwise known as the hormone of love. Not only does oxytocin increase the feeling of trust and security, but it also reduces stress and increases arousal, and is the hormone that shoots around your body when you first begin to fall in love.

The beginnings of a relationship are always exciting, and there is no denying the happiness that the glow of love can bring. While many may expect this glow to start to fade as a relationship progresses, this does not need to be the case, and with a little bit of effort, you will be able to recreate this glow for the duration of your relationship.