If you have been finding yourself dealing with dry skin, even though you continuously apply layer upon layer of moisturizer during the day, then it is possible that you may have adopted a couple of bad habits that are inadvertently drying out your skin. From taking hot, steamy showers to using synthetic ingredients, these habits are all easy to change if you want to win the fight against dry skin.

Harsh Products
Many products out there contain harsh ingredients and additives that irritate and damage the skin. These can slowly destroy the skin’s natural barrier, meaning that it loses its ability to properly retain moisture. From parabens to synthetic fragrances, take a look at the ingredients that are contained in the products that you use, and swap any harsh products for milder alternatives.

Turning Up The Heat
Artificial heat severely dries out the skin, so while it may be tempting to turn up the heat when it is especially cold outside, resist the urge to do this. If this cannot be avoided, it may be worth investing in a quality humidifier, as this will put moisture back into the air, preventing the dry air from sapping as much moisture from your skin.

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Long, Hot Showers
While there may be nothing better than a hot, steamy shower at the end of a long day, the hot water strips your skin of its natural protective oils, which would otherwise be helping it to retain moisture. The longer your shower, the more of these oils are stripped away, so try to keep your showers to no longer than ten minutes, with the water warm rather than hot.

Exfoliation is key when it comes to maintaining healthy skin, but over-exfoliating can interfere with your skin’s ability to protect itself and retain moisture. During the winter, it may be necessary to switch to a gentler exfoliator, and cut back on the amount of times you exfoliate to just once or twice a week.

Forgetting Sunscreen
While you may think that you do not need to use a sunscreen during the winter months, the sun can still cause plenty of damage, even on a cloudy day, making sunscreen absolutely essential. Without it, your skin will be vulnerable to the damaging effects of the sun’s UV rays, one of which is to cause dryness.

Even if you try to take the best possible care of your skin, these habits can still end up severely drying it out. Fortunately, each of these habits are easy to change, whether this means switching to new skin care products or cutting back on exfoliation, so give these a try if your skin has been feeling dry.