After reaching a certain age, many women out there tend to feel as though they have lost their mojo and fallen into a bit of slump. If you have been missing that younger, more vibrant, version of yourself, here are some ways in which you can reclaim that, and get your sexy back once and for all.

Invest in a New Wardrobe
The human body changes quite drastically over the years, and if you are still wearing clothes that date back to a decade or two ago, then it is definitely time to update that wardrobe. The clothing that you wear now needs to be more constructed, and designed to flatter your shape. From dresses that feature lycra panels to jeans that lift from behind to custom tailored business suits, giving your wardrobe a makeover is the first step to feeling like yourself again.

Pick a Role Model
Society can often be extremely youth-centric, so picking a role model that is a similar age to you, but who still manages to ooze sexiness, can definitely be helpful. Rather than finding your role model in the editorial pages of a fashion magazine, pick a woman who is more realistic, and who you can look up to when it comes to learning more about sensuality and confidence.

Woman exercising

Regular Exercise
If exercise tends to make you feel unfit, while highlighting all of those aches and pains, then this only means that you have not been doing enough of it. Regular exercise has so many different health benefits, from strengthening the heart to relieving pain, and will prevent many health problems from arising in the future. This does not mean that you need to spend every evening at the gym, as you should seek out a form of exercise that makes you feel good about yourself at the same time, whether this may be yoga classes, swimming or power walking.

Dental Health
Not only do yellowing teeth make you look much older than you really are, but poor dental health can also lead to many other health issues, from gum disease to heart problems. This makes regular visits to the dentist a must, as this will leave you with a dazzling smile that you will not be able to help but show off.

Avoid Toxic Relationships
Healthy social relationships are extremely important in life, but toxic ones, whether this may be people that do not appreciate you or those that are constantly criticizing you, can really wear you down. If you can think of many people in your life that you have toxic relationships with, it may be time to have a re-think about who is important to you, and work on developing healthier relationships with those that you really care about.

No matter what age you may be, it is always important to feel confident and sexy, but this can often be difficult as the years go on. From switching up the way you dress to engaging in regular physical exercise, these tips will most definitely be able to help you to get your sexy back.