Workouts do not need to be long and tedious in order to be effective. Even if you only have ten minutes to spare, these are some quick effective workouts that you can turn to.

Ten Minute Cardio Workout
This ten minute cardio workout focuses on aerobic fitness, and is a great way to burn some calories in a short amount of time. To begin with, do two sets of 15 repetitions of rocket jumps, finishing this up by jogging on the spot for 15 seconds. Then, do the same but with star jumps, and follow this up with some squats. Next up comes two sets tap backs, with 15 repetitions each, although if you would prefer more of a challenge, switch your legs by jumping, a move that is also known as the spotty dog. Finally, finish your workout with two sets of burpees, 15 repetitions each, although if you would prefer a slightly easier version of this, stand up slowly rather than jumping up with each burpee.

Intense Core Workout
For those who want to give their core an intense workout, these exercises are ideal, and will also allow you to challenge yourself to push yourself further in your next workout. A clock timer is essential for this, as you will first need to start it and then do as many spider lunges as you can in 30 seconds, making sure to stick to perfect form. After resting for 10 seconds, do as many side lunges as you can in 30 seconds, before resting for another 10. Finally, do a 30 second plank before resting for a minute or two, and then repeating the entire circuit ten times. If you are finding this quite challenging, increase your rest period in between each exercise from 10 seconds to 20, or even 30, but do work on cutting this back down.

power yoga

Power Yoga Workout
In addition to toning the body and aiding with weight loss, yoga brings with it a whole range of other health benefits, so it only makes sense to give this power yoga workout a try. Begin with the Wind-Releasing Pose, otherwise known as Pawanmuktasana, which will work out your stomach, and then follow this up with the Cobra Pose, which will target your abs in particular. The Bow Pose comes next, as this will shape up your arms and legs, followed by the Warrior Pose, which once again focuses on the arms, as well as the thighs. The Cow-Face Pose, also known as Gomukhasana, will work out and tone many of the muscles throughout your body, and then complete your yoga workout with the Seated Forward Bend, which will help you to lose fat around your stomach.

Before beginning any type of workout, even if it is only a quick ten minute workout, it is vital that you spend a few minutes warming up, before following your workout up with a cooling down session. Exercise is absolutely vital when it comes to staying healthy, but if you are not the type of person that enjoys spending hours each week working out, then these quick but effective workouts are perfect for you.