The cold winter climate is harsh on your skin, and now that winter is officially upon us, you need to take a few simple steps to protect your skin during these cooler months. Here are some of OROGOLD’s top tips on how to effectively winterproof your skin.

Woman exfoliating her skin

Choose the Right Products
While the products that you used over the summer may have served you well during the warmer temperatures, your skin needs a different sort of care in the winter. Products that contain alcohol are extremely drying, and while petroleum-based products may protect your skin from extreme conditions, they also prevent the skin from breathing, so you should avoid using these unless absolutely necessary. This applies to everything from moisturizers to cleansers, as harsh cleanser will only strip your skin of the natural oils that it needs to keep it protected. Instead, OROGOLD advises that you opt for hydrating products that contain plant oils, as these have the added benefit of containing natural antioxidants and vitamins. Plant oils are also able to penetrate the skin quickly, giving you a longer dose of hydration.

Lightly Exfoliate
A light exfoliation once a week is recommended in the winter, as this will help to minimize any flaky skin. With cold winds combined with drying indoor heat, dead skin cells tend to build up on the surface of your skin, clogging your pores and blocking your moisturizers from working their magic, quickly leading to a dull complexion. Don’t forget that the skin on your body could also benefit from a weekly exfoliation session, as this is just as prone to becoming flaky in the winter months.

Install a Shower Filter
Unless you have your own water supply, chances are that the water that comes through your shower is chlorinated. While this is a great disinfectant, chlorine is also extremely drying, and studies have shown that our bodies absorb more chlorine by showering in it than by drinking it. Shower filters are easy to find in local hardware stores, and they are usually inexpensive and simple to install. This will help to protect your skin, as well as your hair, from the harsh effects of the chlorine in your daily shower.

Woman applying lip balm.

Treat Your Lips
Chapped lips are something that everybody wants to avoid, but it becomes much harder to do so in the winter. To keep your lips soft and smooth, OROGOLD recommends choosing a lip balm that contains moisturizing ingredients. Be sure to coat your lips in this a couple of times a day at least to provide sufficient hydration. You should also remember to exfoliate your lips regularly, as this will clear off the layer of dead skin cells that has built up, revealing the fresh skin beneath.

Winterproofing your skin does not need to be difficult. With a small adjustment to the products that you use and your skin care routine, you will be able to keep your skin looking and feeling its very best, even in the harshest of environments.