When it comes to achieving a flawless complexion, there is not, unfortunately, one easy answer. While each of these tips on their own may not make a huge difference, the combination of several will have you well on your way to a flawless appearance.

Use Retinol
Retinol is known for being one of the most powerful anti-aging ingredients out there, with decades of clinical data behind it to prove this. From boosting collagen production to speeding up the skin regeneration process, this is a key ingredient to incorporate into your skin care regime.

Wear Sunscreen Everyday
With the sun being responsible for up to 90% of wrinkles and fine lines, it goes without saying that the most important skin care tip out there is to wear sunscreen each and every day. Prevention is always going to be better than cure, so be sure to slather on your sunscreen even during the winter months, because while the weather may be colder, the UV rays from the sun are just as harmful.

Woman enjoying a bath

Turn Down the Temperature
There is no denying the feeling of bliss that a hot steamy shower or bath can bring, especially in the winter months, but this is one of the worst possible things that you could subject your skin to. The heat strips away your skin’s natural protective oils, leaving it vulnerable to the environment, so be sure to turn down the temperature to as cool as you can handle.

Moisturize Damp Skin
Moisturizers are designed to form a protective film over the surface of your skin, preventing water loss through evaporation. Rather than applying it to dry skin, your moisturizer will be much more effective when layered over damp skin, as it will be able to lock in all of this extra moisture.

An Early Bedtime
Sleep deprivation is never good for your skin, and will not only interfere with the way in which your skin heals and regenerates overnight, but will also leave you with a lower circulation and therefore a pale complexion. If you find it difficult to stick to an earlier bedtime each night, try to transform your bedroom into a room that induces sleep, with no electronic devices, soothing lights and comfortable furnishings.

Woman wearing sunglasses

Wear Sunglasses
The skin around the eyes is extremely delicate, and each time you squint because of the sun, you will be creating lines around your eyes that, after enough time, will not disappear. A pair of polarized sunglasses that cover your entire eye area will be your best form of protection, and should be worn throughout the year.

Regular Exfoliation
Whether you are dealing with rough skin or enlarged pores, exfoliation is likely to be your answer. Whether you opt for chemical or manual exfoliation, begin by carrying out this process once a week, and then, if you feel as though your skin could benefit from more, gradually build this amount up.

Cut Out All Dairy
Dairy products contain cow hormones that stimulate the oil glands, leading to blocked pores and acne, and even a small splash of milk in your morning coffee can have a detrimental effect on your skin. Fortunately, there are plenty of dairy-free alternatives to choose from these days, whether it be milk or cheese, so give this a go for a while to see the benefits for yourself.

Woman cleansing face

Cleanse Properly
Cleansing is incredibly essential for your skin as it helps to get rid of pollutants, dirt buildup and makeup residue that tend to stick to your face throughout the day. Make sure you invest in a cleanser and toner that is suited to your skin type and cleanse each morning and night. Regular cleansing not only keeps the dirt and grime at bay, it also prepares your face for the products to follow, boosting their effectiveness.

Clean Your Cellphone
Studies have shown that a smartphone can become even more germ-infested than a public toilet in a subway station, as the glass touchscreen is extremely efficient at spreading germs. To prevent these from being transferred onto your face each time you use your phone, make sure that you wipe it down with an antibacterial wipe at least a couple of times a day.

There are many different ways in which you can boost the health and appearance of your skin, and they are not at all difficult. By taking care of it on a regular basis, you will soon have a flawless complexion that you can be truly proud of.